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Hello! I am a supervisor at a pizzeria, and I love making comics and drawing things on the side. I love connecting others with my works, and I hope you can find some enjoyment out of my current projects.
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@a_shipper: does the ship not have enough room for all three?
November 19th, 2019
B e c k y got surprised?!
@a_shipper: they are very cute. 10 out of 10. Would draw again.
@JoMichelle: i went through great efforts to ensure he had pretty eyes.
@haganekitsune: wait you mean. The power of friendship can't fix everything? Anime shonen has lied to us?
@Slim Kittens: dun dun dun!
Thanks and i'm also glad we did not have any fire spread this way.
@abyssdoor: a lot of people are hiding a lot of things it seems. I should have called this comic moonlight secrets X'D
HERE WE GO! A new chapter!

I added this in kind of on a whim because I have been wanting to sneak this story in for a while and I found an opportunity to do that sooner and make it feel relevant and work out. I have been working very hard to get this chapter going strong! So much so that patreon supports of 5$ or more will now be 2 updates ahead. This chapter cover is going to be extra for them, but they are getting the next page ahead of non patrons. :) If you haven't thought about supporting me, now is a great time!

This is a Toby chapter! We love Toby. Support for Toby. :)

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@Slim Kittens: such wise advice. Will she heed it though? Hmmm
@SpazztastiKim: he's mad! And he's calling it like he sees it. Soooo X'D
@StanleyComics: its a fun one for sure ÒvÓ/
@JoMichelle: ah, the poor decision making skills of a 15yr old girl. Tragic.
October 29th, 2019
But... but.. is there an OWL day? ÒvÓ
@StanleyComics: thank you! ;v;/
@Slim Kittens: its all so very... bad. Robbie is being very bad.
@StanleyComics: that works too.
@StanleyComics: maybe he just needs more sleep ÓvÒ;
@SpazztastiKim: accurate. Very accurate.