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I like making comics! I hope you can enjoy the stuff I put up here. It's fun and challenging and I really do love comments and feedback :)
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@Sarai: haha. He probably was not expecting to find a lost crow in his yard. Hes gonna have to get those in the laundry fast to rid them of grass stains. :p
@Respheal: robbie definitely Has some baggage, thats for sure :'3
@haganekitsune: that would be.... very awesome though :o
@haganekitsune: but... honor?
September 13th, 2018
:o shocking development!
@ptmc2112: yesss it is from Tiny Tim's song :>
@dracone: my sister corrects my errors for me all the time,and i assure you, when i ever go to print we will go through and fix any errors i deem needing correction. Some errors are intentional as, humans speak rather odd or incorrect at times. :) i know i make errors, so hopefully you're enjoying the story despite them.
Woo! This should be interesting :D
Ahaha, Dream zombie- :') Poor El- Kid needs a hug.
Ouch >n< i have hit my head on the ceiling before.
@dmr11: ahaha, decisions made ar 3 am aren't aways the wisest. Besides, 15 yr olds think they're invincible or something.
Update on my mom: she is home and improving steadily.


Drawing the three stooges is always fun- Anyways, enjoy!


Another updaaaate! My friend is coming to visit sooon! VERY SOON! Excite = MAX! So, who knows if there will be more updates. Ahahaha.

Edit: i have these queued up so far that most comments are generic, but a recent event happened to my family, my mom had a heart attack this morning and so i've been dealing with that. Shes stable and okay, has been tentatively diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my parents don't have health insurance, so they are looking at a lot of expenses. It's going to be a hard month, but she should recover from it. I am doing alright, i cried a LOT, but am doing better now. Thank you for understanding.

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Well, this page took me an entire day to write the words on it. I know, crazy right? It's because I was distracted. Ahaha. Haha...

Here's to the update! I lost this page the first draw around, and I honestly almost didn't draw this again..

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Thanks again!
Abby is perf.
YES! :D She'd be great at it!
Super proud of that monster yo... Enjoy! :D Wonder who this new guy is? He's all purple and looks pretty fly.

UPDATE: I made a Discord server for you all to come and chat with me on! Check it out!

Support me on Patreon!

Also, check out the facebook page!

And my tumblr too!


Enjoy the page! It was a love/hate relationship drawing/coloring it. It came out alright though. :) My wasp sting was itching into a rash while working on it though @_@,

Hopefully, because I'm queuing this up, by the time this posts, I'll be all better and gearing up for my family reunion! wee :D

And update: before it posts, my wasp sting turned into a bruise, but I'm all better now ahahaha- Also, check out the links page! I added cool links! If you are a comic creator and wanna do a link exchange lemme know :)

ALSO! I have created a server on discord for the webcomic for you all to join and stuff if you want to engage with me and other fans. I have made a lot of new creator friends via the Galebound discord server and honestly, I love the community a lot, so I made one for MA. I'm excited for it, and I hope it turns out okay.
Oh, I can see why you had a warning. Yup. Now it makes sense. :I
@Flynn_Mandrake: i toned it down from the original sketch. Maybe sometime i'll share the scarier version haha.