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I like making comics! I hope you can enjoy the stuff I put up here. It's fun and challenging and I really do love comments and feedback :)
@Slim Kittens: "classy" indeed. but as for what class it falls in, well... it wasn't high class.
@JoMichelle: oooof. It's definitely cringe worthy. >__O
@SpazztastiKim: not living for loooong if this keeps up.
@sumkid: Yup! It appears that way.
@haganekitsune: it's too late now. He chose down.
Awwww Ubel IS pretty dreamy. Theo has excellent taste.
@KiraMiko: I would think more like "you're not allowed to date anyone"
Rosalie is bae. I can already tell. LOOK AT THAT INNOCENT SMILE SHE HAS
@JoMichelle: i mean, like, go for it?
@SpazztastiKim: he may be trash, but he's my trash and... i am gonna make someone else take that out so it"a up to you now.
XD responsiblity deferred
@Slim Kittens: it IS Robbie we're talking about, after all. X'D

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Oooof poor kiddos. I mean... they had it coming, but still. OOOOF
@Slim Kittens: poor Jason X'D
@Slim Kittens: oh? How do you figure?
@The Accidental Ninja: cathy is screeeeeching at him. She will succeed.
@SpazztastiKim: ultimately. Its jason's fault.
@Riaya: teenagers these days. X'D
@SpazztastiKim: what's really sad is, Cathy had some GREAT ideas of how he could ask.
@JoMichelle: it'll be fiiiiiiiine... maybe.