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I like making comics! I hope you can enjoy the stuff I put up here. It's fun and challenging and I really do love comments and feedback :)
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I got this page done early, and I have a terribly made process video of it that I'll link to later on tonight. Or you could just subscribe to my youtube channel (laughs) and then wait for it to load up, with the free to use youtube approved music that I decide to use. I may try dubstep this time around. I need to erase a few parts of the video that I missed during editing. I don't know what I'm doing, and so most of my videos here on out will be me learning so bear with me. Hahaha.

Also, consider supporting me on Patreon! I upload exclusive goodies on there and give early access for Work in Progress arts and comic pages, and sometimes I release my chapter scripts. If I got enough higher tier pledges I would consider going through and making tutorials and even attempting to load up brush sets I've made myself. :)
you draw skulls amazingly well. And bones. I love it.
@Unmei: He totally is adorbz. :)
@Okami_117: Man, I hope so. :/ it would suck for him to do all that cool looking stuff and then have nothing to show for it.
@SpazztastiKim: Jason just doesn't know what's hip and relate-able anymore these days.
@dmr11: It could very well be that. Ker is probably one of the strongest magic users the Hunter's have.
Sorry sorry, it's like been done for a week, I just didn't have any progress on the next page done and I ... yeah.

It's up though! Hurrah!

I'll get better at drawing magic stuff. Maybe. Who knows ahaha.

Check out my youtube channel! I'm still working on being better about uploading videos.

Also, for sneak peaks, and early releases on content and stuff consider supporting me on Patreon!
now his wings can help expression his sarcasm! :D
Ker and his witch eye.

Also, I loathe backgrounds. Not because of this page, but the next page, which is the reason why I didn't have an update for you guys for a while.

in other news, I went for a jog yesterday and I think I gave myself a light case of bronchitis. Oops?

I'm not feverish or labored in breathing, so I'm assuming it's nothing to fret over.

Thanks for reading! <sub> hope me being a Christian didn't scare any of you off. ahahahaa </sub>

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Happy Easter! Hope you guys all had a great day!

Personally, I'm a Christian, so I was celebrating it for Christ, but I live in a house where we did the Easter Bunny as well. We also went trick or treating and all that jazz, too. My parents weren't worried about us turning into heathens, I guess? Some parents can be too over bearing and as a child I could NEVER understand their fear. Kids don't worry about that stuff. Honestly, we got excited over CANDY, not over what the holiday actually meant.

That being said, Jason is a Christian, it's not that obvious yet I guess, and his dad is Catholic. Melodie and her mom and Grandpa all go to a Baptist Church? But not southern style baptist. Whatever Oregon Baptists you'd expect. I've been to so many different denominations and it's interesting to see the different preaching styles each church has.

Any ways- Hope you enjoy this picture! :D Happy April fool's day too. I'll probably get a comic page up... eventually. I've been lazy lately. The nice weather has had me taking longer walks and more active. I apologize.
Magical spells drift into our cage. Wonder what it all means?

Sorry about delays. I'm currently battling the agonizing decision of filling up a shelf with random things in a future page. Which is why I've not updated. I'm running out of buffer! Also, I've revamped my Youtube channel. You're all going, WHAT? You have a youtube channel?! Yes, I do. I neglect it terribly, but I DO have one :D go check it out!

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I'm Devon in this scenario. 100%
There's a slight chance that from this point on, nothing will make sense because the order of events in the beginning is going to change and the story from this point on will reflect that. If you are confused, I'll do my best to explain anything I can since it will take me eons to finish up the redo. Motivation is not on my side most days. Also, Apparition outfits are getting overhauled. The biggest incident change is the fight scenes at the beginning with the Shade monster, and the encounter with Lark behind Jason's house in the woods.

So, with that note made, Enjoy! :D

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Also, check out the facebook page!

And my tumblr too!

Aw I despise headaches! Tell it to go away! Feel better and AWESOME job on the pages as always :D
there's not time to chill.
Ker's all cool and can like, undo magic things.

Enjoy the update :D Support me on Patreon for sneak peaks of other things, and art access and fun stuff!

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poor guy.
ATTN: I have edited Chapter 5 pages 21, to the current update page here in terms of text and some art and emotions have changed. In order to better understand what is going on re-read it please. It's all colored now too.

Also, updates are happening, but slowly. I'm going to be back and forth with working on both updating and re-drawing chapters 1, 2, 3, maybe part of 4? I'll have to check haha.

Thank you all for being patient, I've been having a very rough time these last few months. It's getting better. :)

I am changing Jason's Apparition outfit and some other outfits will change too! So look forward to that. :)

Hope you enjoy the update :D
I added an extra page to flesh out the flashback more. Ker was a cocky brat in his youth. Well, more resentful and rebellious.
He has some good reasons why, but that don't make him right.
I'm in love with the way you designed the backgrounds.