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Hi, I'm Gaby. I like making comics, and drawing, and reading and all sorts of other things. Yay! Peanut Butter is my favorite random word. That or purple. Yep, I'm a pretty random person, and my comic is too!
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Hero is just my favorite character
I feel bad for disliking Catherine so much... not her fault she's Violet's rival, but she seems so mean!
At least the magikarp gets experience!
RGB is now Black and white O.o
Ah! I'm so very happy to see this return!!
It looks really good though!
So I JUST realized I missed this page. And now the latest pages make a million times more sense.
I love the way you interpret common phrases in this story. It's great. Being carried away by an idea, and being bored to tears. It's all fantastic.
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I don't think I can properly articulate how this page makes me happy. I'm a little apprehensive about Corrick's expression in the last panel, but I can't wait to see if he explains why he "needs" to protect her! Is it loyalty to her father? Part of the necklace's curse? DOES HE JUST WANT TO?!?

Okay. I'm done now. Sorry >.<
I think Lauren planned this all along! She probably expected Michelle to be wearing a bra, but she definitely succeeded!
OH my god that was the most adorable thing I have seen all day. Scratch that, all month! Cuteness makes me happy.

Also, I love how Atty doesn't magically get healed or shrink his sweater. It's a nice realistic attention to detail.
"Chicks dig chocolates"
FALSE. I am a chick and I HATE chocolates.
"Getting carried away by an idea" I GET IT
It's official. I'm shipping Corrick and Sad Eyes. (Can't remember her name............ ugh. I'm a terrible fan)
For a minute, I was convinced the crowning jewel was the chores list
Mr. Twist, I truly appreciate your stance on life, your comic, your amazing storytelling ability, and how you respond to the awful comments posted on your page without angry retaliation. I really like how put your comment about calling out misogynistic behavior.
ah. ah. most of all... most of all.............. must. see. end. of. sentence.
I love this comic so much. Simon is pretty much my favorite character ever. The consistent updates are making me really REALLY happy :D
I seriously am in love with your drawing style
I really want to own this as a printed book. SO BAD.