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Demon Flavored Candy
OMG i like anime manga i like to swim sing dance being crazy being stipid lol all kinda stuff but most of all BEING RANDOM!!!! > 3<
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Oh lol i did not know you are redoing it.
I like it it nicer.
But i love your comic's no matter what. =3
Lol yay!
can not wait for the new Update!
(even though i know whats going to happen...i think) >3<
New Little Fan!
Yayz i just love this Comic.
Your the best!
I just started reading today and i am on the last page already.
Yay i love you.
and i can not wait for the next Update!
> 3<
You so amazing
I love him yay its so smexy!!!
I love it!
GOOD JOB! > 3<
*has been tackled* =3 lol
Well now that i got to know you guys.
Ill be comeing here more often.
Is that alright guys and big sis?
Rikako sis!
*pops in* Hello all.
OMG I love this couple.
I love TeaPot and Jake.
Oh and I am the sister who created Teapot yay! > 3<