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Tales games fan.
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I love this comic so much, you have no idea. Your art is so pretty ;u;
So yeah... I'm totally late with this xD; I had a problem with my PC, then a problem with tablet then I went on a trip... I have a lot of excuses! xDD

とにかく, I'm really sorry for the wait (my goal right now is to update at least once per week xD It'll be a hard thing to do but I'll try xD) and I hope this page is fine...
I already commented on DA on that page sometime ago, but oh well xD I just love Gifetd, but you already know that. xD

Last two panels are just too cute haha :D
June 19th, 2010
At last I got some time to read this xD
Really nice comic ;3 You have amazing skills x3
Will be back soon!
Ok, so...! I've been really busy with University and stuff, so I couldn't draw as much as I wanted, but! My last exam is at 21st and then, well, hello there holidays!
I had a lot of time to think about this comic and I made few changes in the whole story, just needed some free time to actually draw it x3
So for now, enjoy the super random sketch, the comic will be coming back soon!

Thank you for all you support and sorry for making you wait for so long! ;__;
Szkoda ¿e to ju¿ koniec... Bardzo fajnie siê czyta³o Twój komiks <3 Masz ¶wietny styl ^^
¦wietnie to wygl±da, Twój styl jest coraz ³adniejszy ^^
I knew it! He's evil! D:
Beautiful page <3

Delphin is cute! x3
wow the evil teacher xD
The page looks really nice ^^
heh he really looks great like that :D
Nice comic ^^
that had to hurt xD
Poor him...
September 8th, 2009
Well, something strating to happen.

Trying out some new tones and also, what kind of sound can a "magical circle" (if I can call it that) make? o_O"
September 7th, 2009
The comic looks awesome <3
You have a very nice style ^^
The story sound interesting too
Can't wait the next update~ <3
The cover page for chapter 1.
It sure is a contrast to the first page... >.>"
I fail at colouring flowers and I have a feeling the picture is too bright, eh ;__;

I want to thank all of you for all the lovely comments and faves!! I'm really happy you find this story interesting T^T

I'll try to do my very best!
Awesome comic! <3
September 6th, 2009
You have sucha a nice style~ The tones look great too :)
September 4th, 2009
The first page ever
This is the first page of my first (web)comic ever o_o'
I can't ink. ;__; But the flowers were so much fun D: (I love flowers)
And I know the page doesn't show much, but it'll be all clearer later (I hope ^^' )

If I did any mistake, error or anything in the text let me know. My english ish not perfect D:
I just love your comic!! It's so beautiful and lovely! <3