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Hmm the crow appears again.

I'm curious.
Hmm so I see everyone's like "Ew whiner, shut up" but I don't know. I can see where Joan's coming from. Drake just went through this long story and ended with "We were in an epic battle of life and death and then oh yeah I snuffed his baby." Oh.

And first and foremost Joan is a human. And she showed in the beginning of the comic she likes children. So it's understandable that she would be upset, to say the least.

Just my two cents. xD Anyway, it's good to be back in the present! And I wonder if Teddy heard any of that. He was only in the closet after all. ;D I predict an awkward morning!
Aw very sad. I'm wondering if the flashback is coming nearer to the end? Drake flies back and his family has been attacked also..?

Speculation. :D

Oh and I see another typo in the third panel. It says "For those of use" rather than "us".~
February 19th, 2009
Woo wow I can't believe it's Thursday again already. :)

All the concerned faces are cute. And I love the transformations. They look "realistic" so to say, rather than purple mush or a bright light. And a high five for consistant injuries!
February 12th, 2009
Ooh his ex. =O

Those wing wounds are looking pretty painful. :[
February 6th, 2009
Woo new reader!

I love this comic, you're a great story teller. :]
Good page, I like the way Drake's claws come out in the third panel; very cat-like.