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Names Mav. I'm an author on the Middle Ground and I'm very proud to bring you UMSAT here on SmackJeeves! Happy reading folks!
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Be sure to check out MG's brand new Twitter page! Also, I have a contest going on at the MG forums. Winner gets to be in UMSAT as a reoccurring character! Check it out.
Hey guys! It sure has been awhile. I've gone ahead and uploaded all the current issues on here. Happy reading!
I had to work a lot of extra hours this week. Couldn't manage an update till now. Since I made you wait, enjoy eight panels of UMSAT goodness.

Lita is property of AkumaTh
Greenie is property of Greenie.
Goldy from panel #1 belongs to Mr. Goldenmyer

Kod from panel #3 belongs to Aurum KodEXo
Decided to replace the original #30. Enjoy. <3
Had a lot going on. I'm back though. <3
Hey! I'm incredibly sorry for the lack of activity so long but things got busy in my personal life. I'm back at full force and you can expect updates every Saturday. Later Days.
Hey. Jason has to keep his spare weapons some place doesn't he? :P
Looking good. Love how everything is large and the text is easy to read.
I can't stress how much I love your comics. I keep forgetting to comment though.
UMSAT is the charming comedic story of an employee of the Arcade Land Arcade and all of the regular customers and co-workers he interacts with.
Haha. I know what you mean. Also! Thanks for being my 100th comment.
I'm really sorry this is so late guys. I know I owe my readers a more steady schedule.
The boys are back!

Also, check out the Logic Block! It's hilarious. :)
Sure kept you waiting huh? Sorry about that, guys.
She's the news lady from #6 and #26.
Actually, I hadn't found out about Abenobashi till after I'd named the comic. That's a good series though. Thanks for the fav. (:
Really appreciate you taking the time for this. I'll see about improving the faults and the like. ^^
Love your set up here! You guys are good at what you do. Would you mind reviewing my comic and letting me know what I can improve on?