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This concludes Act 5. The medicine woman agreed to help Flan, just as Mizz had foreseen. But did Mizz really mess up with the information; could this really be the one who will be able to help them?

Next Act, Swiss explores mirror X of Kingdom Leraz.
Kayl looks like a lazy person. But how do you call them, B persons? Those who can't seem to get up early, but can work through the late hours at night. I hear that these persons also have low blood pressure. I wonder if that's true...
*slump* finally page 25. This page was really frustrating to do. It had been almost 5drawings and 6 script changes for this page to turn out. Not that this page was that difficult to was the follow up thoughts of Kayl that just don't seem satisfying.

I just hope I won't encounter such a page again and the story flows like silk over skin.
Tatakey is really worried about Flan's safety. As the Black Spiders just attacked Swiss recently, he has been on alert since then.
Make way for an escape.
It was getting dangerous just then. But Kayl's friend just called for some back-up, which enabled them to carry the unconscious Lance away to Kayl's house. (Since it was a bad idea to bring Lance to Nell directly)
Kayl's friend didn't like the way things turned out. As he sees it, it was Lance irresponsible behavior which dragged Kayl into this. His motto was always: "Don't start something you cannot handle".
But of course, Kayl came up for Lance.
Storyline you say...
Aah~ That's true. Although I can call my drawing style okay so far, the storytelling might not be the same.

Looking back at the pages I really see where I literally cut down the amount of panels and events, creating more questions than answers...

The rushed parts:
part1: the part where Stan sees that girl and goes to Lance afterwards
part2: Lance sitting at the bar planning something
part3: Lance arriving at Kayl's place and the reason Kayl's friend is angry at him.
part 4 and on: any more?

That's why I appreciate comments. *joy*
Someone say bishie?
Somewhere I wanted to draw panels with Kayl after his shower, but the storyline doesn't fit with it. Thus, made it a filler... (Just love wet hair *heart*)
Happy New Year everyone!
May your year be blessed with great health, good appetite, love and lots of bishies!
Flan was sidetracked by Lynn, due to her injury. But once he heard Rose, he started expressing his dislike of the man who caused him trouble: a man he didn't even know.
Haa~ Finally getting a little closer to revealing a bit of their past...
Haha, that Tyler just keeps on pestering her. If I was in her shoes I'd have thrown that thing out at the spur of the moment.
Happy belated birthday!
Haha, Flan is confused. Did Mizz mess up with the information he gave Flan or is it something else...
Yay! starbucks, just had a caramel frappucino today.
Haha, Tyler just made her look like an arrogant gal with that ringtone
Sorry for the long wait. Was sooo busy... >_<
This page turned out totally different from the draft. Was supposed to be a scene where Kayl blocks the knife from the hoodlum (thus protecting Lance), but I can't imagine how it's drawn when Kayl attacks from behind. So, it turned out like this.
Let's rumble--
The three gang members started their bickering earlier. Then came Lance, interrupting, and stirring more anger. That's when they forget their earlier quarrel and united again...
September 4th, 2009
Yay! great, keep it going!
Love the third panel..He's so cute blushing like that *heart*
Puh~ Was long ago that i drew Kayl...he somehow looks younger o.O
[Sneeuwwitje] is a beer mix with 1/5th beer and 4/5th 7-up. It's a sweet alcoholic drink and appears whitish in colour. Should try it once. At least, Lance likes it.
August 7th, 2009
Aa~ horror. Unexpected really! Isn't it just her imagination!? Wanna know~... (I like the 1st panel with the brother on the back)

The yellow is refreshing for a layout. Very sweet and light feel to it. But it hurts your eyes when reading the comments. But I guess you don't have problems with it, so it's alright. (can always highlight the text...they turn blue and it's easier reading :-)
Haa~ I'm safe... Lance can drink alcohol at his age. And he got the looks to pass the ID check too ^_^ !! But then again, he has always gone through the ID check without any problems; Milly has VIP cards to these pubs.

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