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Floo Phantom
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Floo Phantom
December 19th, 2013
Wasn't something mentioned about the dungeon killer using 'Forbidden Magic'? I wonder where that falls into the elemental categories.
"Creature Identified!"
"Creature is a *Rock Spider*"
*Lists stats*
*Gives description of moves*
*Lists weaknesses*
*Gives general description*
*Ring shatters*
I'm going to take a guess and say...

The ring is useless.
these noobs lost to the lvl 1 boss, QQ more Caldwell, L2P or uninstall baddies i could solo that boss easy lol cuz im 1997

But seriously, that thing looks like it can barely move. Can't they just pick up some rocks and start hitting it 'til it stops completely?
Silly Kat, it's 2013.
I'm guessing Magikarp.
Giant enemy crab.
Perhaps he really was lying?
How did he get to the end then?
Or did Priest guy just hurt his feelings and he's getting mopey?
*sees new cover page
*Immediatley looks for George to see if she's reappearing
*Finds George in the bottom corner within seconds
*writes a comment about it
*clicks away from page, disregarding every single other thing on the cover, because that's all that was cared about, none of the other stuff even registered in brain
*can't help curiosity, clicks back and examines every part of the cover, then edits comment to account for this
*extreme excitement
Wait a minute...
She's fighting a rock type with fire attacks?
Is she even damaging it?
Alright, so I remember them jacking your monkey if you lose in a pokemon game, but since when could they kidnap your pokemon? That's something only the criminal gangs would do-

Oh crap they're part of Team Rocket.
Thieves! They just steal everything they like.
Alchemist is looking to be the single worst class of any game ever.

Feel free to correct me if there have been worse ones.
It's gonna be jigglypuff.
I just know it.
She just threw an entire ice cream cone on the ground.
What the fuck.
At least go for a trashcan. Talk about lazy.
Why are you not at home watching TV, Atty?