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i have a blue mohawk and i'm not gay
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See, I'm having to disagree with everyone about the length. Maybe it's just me but it seems like you can tell that this "drawn-out sex scene" is playing towards a different purpose. There is obviously a story going on here, because this is definitely not just a sex scene.
I don't normally comment on comics but I have to say that the utilization of dramatic irony in this is brilliant.
I love that derp face in the last panel. Fun shits.
Oh Gawd
This is gonna sound weird, but I want his babies... O_o
Something radical
You can tell by his face...
I like diisssss!
Raep tiemz!

*can't believe she just spelled it like that*

Aww haw haw.... how...... cute...

..... Maybe. He looks weeeiiiiird. Crazy shota boys and their crazy shota minds.
He's dreaming.
Yayy! Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to read this when you posted it, but birthday posts! Ehehehehehe! Oh, Hotaru, you make me not hate emos!
She no look fat. She look...... not fat.
He really doesn't look like the basketball type. But he's too sexxxxiiii to look like ze other jock peoplez. Yayz for prettyness!
Yay for ze blood. Le eyes look cool.
Oh hoho, yummy....
♪Lav Lav Lav♫
Yayyy! Clover lovveeees you, Monday! He loooovvvvveeeeeeesssssss you!!!

Oh and congrats on sharkness.
Heh heh... raep tiemz...
Rapeness of Monday! Dude, dat's hawt.
*nosebleed* ...... . . . . . . . . . .

*dies from loss of blood*
Don't worry, I get where the lube came from. Duh, you guys. All hospital rooms have lube, you just have to know where to look. And, obviously, Monday knew exactly where to look. XD Yay for penis!
*le gasp* Yayz!
Do they like potatoes? Because if they grew potatoes together Hotaru would be able to share Eli's feelings. It's common knowledge.

Anyways, update soon or Eli will be hurt.