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*WOLF WHISTLE* i LIKE pretty boys. :P and ruggedly handsome boys, and darkly mysterious boys... *rambles on*
wise words. good luck to him turning her from girly prissy-poo to kick-a** battle girl though. girl needs a LOT of work. -_-;
BEAT HIS A**! D:< beat some manners into that boy! he needs em... -_-;
punch him in the face lol
Mass Effect! WOO!
I played until the last stage of ME2... but then I had to stop. I'm redoing ME1 with 2 chars... I have to... Why?
CHARACTER 1: Need romance with Kaidan (sweet enough guy) so I can see how staying loyal to him "pays off" in ME3...
CHARACTER 2: I want her to have no romance in ME1 so she can concentrate on Garrus in the second...

Also, I need to give myself time to save up enough money to buy the ME2 DLCs... I'm a perfectionist. Can't help that. And I'm unemployed. :x Bad combo lol

I've loved turians since the first game! Just something about those mandibles... lol jk! XD
I found Ben amusing but now I DESPISE him. D:< How rude!
she's like a lion tamer. only she uses naivete, ignorance, and sweet nature as her whip. :P
wonder if she's going to have a hand next page... -_-;
i am loving the color! :D
i like the perspective of the second to last panel... *jealous* XD
Ben's so kyuuuuuuuut! XD I wanna glomp him! XD
I haven't been here in a while but it's as awesome as ever! :D
oh puh-LEASE
lol i love gail's look in the last panel. it totally reads, "Do I REALLY have to explain to you why you can't crush me?! I am HOLDING her - and you will kill BOTH of us! You are mentally, the slowest damn wannabe heroine i will ever have the misfortune to know and i want you to die. right now." *breathes deep* sorry, had to get that off my chest. *sheepish grin* ^-^;
I love how Gail can reason her way out of almost anything ;P
oooh! flamy explodey catfight coming on! lol
behold zee unibrow! lol kristoff's adorable! makes me wanna give him a big ol bear hug... while subtly checking him for any stabby weapons. :P
ooooh this is bad timing :P
YEOWCH! Flambe the flying preppy, Gail! Vengeance! VENGEANCE!! Teehee... :3
Hehehehe... that'll teach her to keep her hair free during battle. :P ... But she's going to regret that. Burnt hair smells DISGUSTING. lol
I can't wait to see where this goes... Even though I would personally care about bystanders, I would not let Miss Prissy know about it. :P She annoys me too much. ^^