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Comic book geek. Occasional reader of good books. Draw-er. Lazy dreamer. Technologically inept. Gangsta music listener.

Talk to me if you want, I don't bite. :)
So does anyone read this? Just curious. If not, well, not much point in posting really. XDDD
This page. Is fantastic.
The faces and Ganymede's pose in the second to the last panel? Priceless. XD
Well... that was kind of gay. No innuendos intended, but still. XD

Running along with no page layouts? Interesting.
About Time/ Replies
Hah, I was almost getting tired of just drawing various pans of Avaris' face. Enter Shiba and Oni. Yeah, this just got weird.

@da-kasha: Oh well, thanks. XD

@Kyo-chan: Glad you think so! Thank you so much!! :)
Trying trying to be intimidating, he is.

So, uh, what do you guys think of all this? I seem to get dismally few comments. XD

Oh and thanks to everyone who's faved/commented so far! It's much appreciated!
@da-kasha: Thank you for the offer. XD

@kyo-chan: T-thank you so much! That's very kind of you to say. <3

@GuestofHonor: Thank you! Unfortunately there's not much of a story. I just want to draw something. XD
@CopperBottom: Thank you so much! XD
Snarky little ex sort-of-not-quite vampire hunter.
Page 1. Still don't know what I'm doing. Tell me what you think. XD
Oh sweet Lord, what am I doing. I don't even have a story. haha.
@Guest of Honor:Thank you! And m-maybe. I don't know what I'm doing. haha! I just want art practice. More stuff on my DA, if you want to check it out. XD
In the Meanwhile...
While I'm figuring out what the heck it is I'm doing, here's Avaris de Mazarin. The rather effeminate but powerful ex- vampire killer and agent of the Dis Manes.

@Nurulcrystal: Thanks for the comment. XD I'll be more careful with the foreshortening thing. And glad you liked it. XD
@CupifyMe: Thank you. XD Comic *might* be about these two.
Oh yay.
I wonder why I even do these...
Blaze, Avaris' irresponsible, drug addicted partner.
Koff. Cheating on the cover.
Baron Seth Serpentine and Cross Morland. Both vampires. Both extremely untrustworthy.
I almost never comment but the awesomeness of this page has forced me to. I love this! This is so quirky and fun.
Oh Petunia.
I really like this comic. Love the colors and the quirky drawing style.