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Kimmy the insane hedghog
... Not muchh I can put here.. I'm hard to turely figure out.
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Crystle evolved and blah blahh shit..
Sam.. I just notested..
green/blue = adult neutral chao
yellow/blue = baby neutral chao

You have an adult in that comic..
Well.. my chao hatched. =3 And sam's chao will hatch tomarrow.. and.. WE NEED MORE AUTHERS HERE!..
edit: My tigar, kk, is not going to eat the chao egg..
Aww its too bad this comic seems dead. When I sent my application I never thought I'd get in it and it seems I never will..
.. posted at 12:41 am.. I'm ready for bed now. *colapses* ZzZzZzZz
carolyn: *yawn*
deseo: ZzZzZzZZZzZz
reason for not being on the chat: I keep forgetting..
what I think of your pic: AWSOME
Answer to other question: Yes.. yes we are..
Answer to other other question: YUP! XP
>Run around yelling "MYCATISONFIRE!!"
.. another brother? o.O
Charater alined with dark side? Hero side? [ ]
--Chao that will enter garden ( or you may start with a simple chao egg )--
<br> Chao name:
<br> Fave fruit/nut:
<br> Second fave fruit/nut:
<br> Most hated fruit/nut:
<br> Swimming level: 00/99
<br> points: 000/100
<br> Flying level: 00/99
<br> points: 000/100
<br> Running level: 00/99
<br> points: 000/100
<br> Strength level: 00/99
<br> points: 000/100
<br> Luck level: 00/99
<br> points: 000/100
<br> Intelegance level: 00/99
<br> points: 000/100
(repeat forum for more chao)
Hey I just puty the sprites together hopping not to die. Tell that to the authers of the sprites dedfrsdf.
BEFORE YOU KILL ME! It was jamie's idea!! *FLEE!!*
carolyn: *gone*
crystle: *facepalm*
Yes it would ^^ just send an application! I don't check here much though so don't expect to join right away.
Fear the cute chibi kimmy.. xD jk.. or am I? >=3
This is completly custom. xP and I made one for virgil & momo. x3
This was a request ture mercha.. not like I would just make something so stupid.
me: *flee*
Here ya go drew. Just as promissed. ^^ Evil silver and evil sonic. xP
It died thanks to the comments I'm guessing? .. =3