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Haha, this one made me lawl.
And so the greatest character of all shows up!
Thank you! :D
Sorry for not posting in so long! I've been regularly updating my new page for a few weeks now.

I'll keep this site updated as well, but it will always be at least 1 update behind the main site.
Sorry for the long silence.

Finally, a new page!

Nicoli Gonnella
September 25th, 2010
More cryptic comments from the horned beast...
Nicoli Gonnella
September 18th, 2010
A little late. I've been fudging around with this page for a while now. I'm not entirely satisfied with the pacing, but otherwise I'm thrilled.

New TWC incentive is up. This time we get a glimpse of a more intense Avery.
And here we see the fearsome beast! I have a whole slew of unused designs for this scene. It was remarkably difficult coming up with a creature design that was bestial and yet still let you feel sorry for it. I'd post the pages of designs up as an incentive, but they are HORRENDOUS. I will have instead some character sketches up later Friday.

Until next week!
Again I apologize for the lateness, recent developments have me exhausted. But I will have the next update up on time, and since I've also put some extra effort into my buffer, it should stay that way.

Until next week.
Sorry for the later update! I had some family up and things got a little nuts. Finally had some time to finish it tonight.

And as I said, I had good news! Keys and myself have been accepted into the Spiderforest webcomic collective! I'm so excited and can't wait to get my new site going there. My Smackjeeves account will remain as a mirror site, but it will be one or two updates behind. I will hopefully have the new site up and running this weekend, what with the free time and all. I'll link it here when it's done!

Have a good evening, everyone!
Rude Awakenings
Always with the scary dreams. Oh hey, free stuff! Now he can stop looking like a bag lady.

I had to redraw this page several times to get it the way I wanted it. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Next week....he goes downstairs. Exciting I know, but you'll have to wait.

Until then.
My What Large Teeth You Have
I'm pretty proud of this page. Came out just as I envisioned.

This is about the end of Avery's little dream. The kid can never seem to catch a break, huh? All those little bits of himself, poking at him, pushing old memories on him.

It's a pity it only gets worse from here.

New page next Friday. See you all then!
And now for some interiors.
More to come next week!
Late, but expect more soon.

Til then.
Something strange is going on here....

@ Midnitez: I wouldn't mind living there, certainly. And thank you!
Man, sorry for the delay. I know, I just started up my new schedule and here I miss a day! This page really kicked my butt, but I had extensive time off today so I was able to finish.

See you next update! Enjoy!
@ crottine Thank you. I was very happy with them myself.
And we're back! From this point, I will be updating Tuesdays and Fridays. Chapter 2 is about 22 pages long, so I want to get a move on. The entire book is an approximate 200 pages, so this is a doozy of a project, but hopefully I'll have it finished within the year.

Here Walt and Avery enter into Arath-Nafur properly, experiencing the sights and sounds of the beautiful slums. Friday's page is a fun one, and I'm really excited to post it up here. I hope you all enjoy!