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@BeretCat: maybe not, he does have same type, that may save him from death
@Sign Seeker7: there are pokemon that are 1 foot tall that can in flight carry a human, also in looking that up I found out there is a Pikachu that can use fly
@CyphonFiction: the page looks great, can't wait for the next one
what's happening with Steve, I feel like we haven't seen him for ages, not that I don't like I don't mind staring at the ass of that silver haired goddess ;)
what's happening
not to sound pushy but what's happening about this? is the comic dead?
@Raxki Yamato: not gay per say but certainly curious
I'm Disappointed at the lack of guy on guy kissing, they seem so close and you can almost see the tension if you read between the lines
I don't really like the new layout, it just doesn't work