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Everything's dead.

I'm coming back soon.

Don't worry.

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It's... not coming back... some of you, you don't understand.

While some cheap knockoffs will be made (not like they haven't already been made), this one is not going to be brought back.

Unless you all want it without me in it. Wouldn't be any different, actually.

Go ahead, I don't care. Revive it.

But an ending's an ending...

I'd really like if you'd respect my wishes and keep it this way.

But who am I to have such wishes.
How long has it been since I've even LOOKED at Smackjeeves.

I've been away FAR too long.

Only to return to say that my sprite comicking days are gone; Sonic comics from me most likely done for; and a slow, slow return once I get going on a comic idea.

If you've been following me on DeviantArt, you will know of my father's "assignment".

If not, I will tell you: my father wants me to finish something for once. He greatly supports me and my love for comics. But, he has never seen me finish something. So, he assigned me a comic; I had to craete a story with one main character and five supporting characters. Whatever plot I wanted. Content was mine to choose. I have my content. I only need to draw and edit.

That aside, I would like to talk about THIS comic.

I am sad to say, that, god. Wake up, people.

EVERYTHING comes to an end.

Whether you WANT IT TO or NOT.

This comic had a GOOD run.

Beautiful work, and amazing co-authors with a great sense of humor, and GREAT partnership between people.

SOME contradictions, but overall, we all worked GREAT together.

While I'm pissed off that I'M the one who let this comic die, I believe it was a GREAT damn comic while it was up and running, and god damn it, if it didn't have an ending like this, which brought attention to the fact that it IS the end, with a GREAT running joke reference to add that touch of humor to make it so it's not such a serious note we're on, I'd be even more upset.

You guys, thanks.

I love you all.

Thank you my fans from the beginning, it's a great thing that you support me enough to have been a fan from scratch, from way back when I was stupid with my sprites.

Newer fans, thank you for letting curiosity kill the cat and clicking the comic banner that day.

Co-authors, I love you all. You're all wonderful, you have amazing skillz, you're all gonna get far in life if you continue this stuff. It was an HONOR. To work with geniuses such as yourselves.

Everyone in a nutshell, get the hell out of the nutshell. Don't suffocate.

And just everyone... You rock. My face.

Goodbye, everyone.

And goodbye, Babysitting Four Demons. It was fun.
My god I haven't been on SmackJeeves in so long ._.
Awesome that you used Ezz =3
*dies laughing*
Oh how it figures XD
Nice haircut XD
lol yeah, it gets kinda boring just walking and walking without other trainers around to bug you for a battle. XD
No, I didn't let it die again!
Just been doing other stuff.
No updates for the next couple of days; my cousin who flew in from California and I are finally gonna hang out and stuff.
So no updates until like... Wednesday.

In the meantime, I'm gonna be sketching new pages and scripting, and working on development of my comic after this one ends! It's gonna be funny. You will all loorv it.

Anywholah. This is the truth; he didn't run away because of Gypsy, he ran away because he wanted to keep his life. Dun dun duhhh..

We learn why Eve bent the truth for Gypsy abouuuuut, two pages after this one or something
Wellp, seeya.
Was nice working with you ^^
@I_Wish: Hehe, glad you love it ^^ It's awesome that you're using one of my avvies XD
Hehe! That is adorable!
I love this comic so far! ^^
So faved!!
Teh Mayor and Teh Advisor are gonna keel heem DX
Well, so many really spazz out about a tiny thing in the past.

If there's a chance of it reoccuring, you know someone's gonna freak out...
well they live in a magical land called Black Hollow... lol

All the abnormally black pok'emon are others of his kind ^^
Others of his kind...
which is why they're so "OHMYGOD" about Black Pok'emon.

It's not so much the racistness lol

It's what the black Pok'emon can DO o_o

Those of you who are like "Why did she lie to Gypsy then!? DX" just hold your horses, we get to that later ^^
Yep, and she says so later, too. ^^
I thought this through for once! YAY! XD