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Where do you guys live? I see 2 or 3 people with unique clothing a day.
fav'd, it's a brilliant comic.
They still do say that mario has unmatched jumping power. It provides your basic attack in all the RPG's, and you could pull of all kinds of rad tricks in sunshine and 64.
I always though Lakitu was more annoying.
Your avatar is awesome.
great comics man, so many hilarious moments thus far.
I would beat the shit out of both of them, easier that way.
Forgot about this, it is time to unfave though...
No snow this year for me...
Can't wait untill the next update...
Hope there is one...
Really great,
cliffhangers await.
Your an incredible drawer
Your doing great with this.
They Do
Sometimes they do hit the enemy[or hero] when when charging up, it always makes them look cheap.
neither are fake
snort out loud
snicker out loud
smile out loud
you get the idea