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The hair is somewhat confusing to me. It does not adjust accordingly with the turning of the head. It looks weird having stagnate hair when the rest of the head moves. Almost like the hair is on some kind of a swivel system.

Also, why is the resolution of the tie (perhaps it's a scarf) different when you scale the sprite?

The "eye thing" looks pretty good to me. There are some jagged edges on the underside, and differing resolutions in the larger scale version. But overall it's a really cool concept. I hope to see more of this kind of thing in the future from you. Good job.
As always cqclegoman, your pixel art brings a smile to my face! I love the way you make pixel art. It's so complex, mixing many colours together. And at the same time so clean!

BTW, that imgur image has me in it. I remember making that little guy ages ago. Haha, how time fly's.
I once faced a Jax top lane, I was Volibear. Now most of the time I jungle Volibear, but today was one of those days. I recall him getting very fed and crushing me. Needless to say, I don't often play top lane.

Regarding the sprite. I have no problem with this sprite save the comments that I gave on your previous work. However, the effects for the sword are pretty poor. Try and get some references and copy them. There is nothing wrong with using references, most professional artists do. Remember that the effect must represent the idea of motion. Your effect looks pretty stagnant and does not coexist well with the style of your character.

Hope this helps. Keep it up!
Your colours are really washed out. This would not be a problem except that it makes the details fairly difficult to read. Try and play around with contrast and saturation levels. Remember that two different colours can compliment each other more so than two shades of the same colour.
Hey Smash, nice to meet you!

You asked for C+C, and so here I go.

Generally when making a sprite (or any other pixel art) you are going to want to stay away from high color counts. I know that the additional colours can help to cover up shading mistakes, but there really is no excuse for poor shading or high colour counts. For a sprite of his size you should stick to no more than three shades per color. Then as a final step you can mix the shades to find colours that apply to two different elements of the sprite.

Also, your light source appears to come from several points. There is one above the shoulder, there is one from the viewers position, and there is one from the upper right. Try to establish a general light source when developing a sprite. If possible, when making an edit try to use the same light source as the original sprite. Taking a look at Megaman, there is only one source of light and that is the upper right.

I personally do not like the way you coloured the hair. You are trying to represent dreads, yes? Then you should try and find a reference to aid you in the hair shading. As a rule of thumb, if you have an outline colour please try and keep it out of the shading process unless you are specifically shading to match a background image.

That should give you enough to chew on for now. Remember that the more you pixel the better you will get. Keep it up!
@TheAverageLoneWolf9: Haha, I have no idea why I called you Mist. I was thinking about MistTheMoonhunter while I was writing my comment. So sorry for the confusion.

Save the improper name my comment stands. :)
In all honesty it looks more like something being torn apart rather than something exploding. The tangents seem too organized to express the chaos of explosion. None the less, good work!
I am proud of you Mist. This is looking to be a marvelous piece!
Your WIP already has some conflicting light sources. Keep in mind that it is often best to complete the line art before you tackle shading. This ensures that you do not have to redo large portions of your sprite.
Thats a pretty damn cute character you've got there. From a design perspective he's pretty nice. But from a shading and color choice perspective this is actually subpar. There are many ways to correctly shade pixel art, however, the one you have chosen is not among the list. Keep in mind that proper color shading often requires you to mix more than just saturation and contrast. At times it is necessary to mix up the colors a bit.

Well you apparently just took the color values from the actual vector graphic and used it for the sprite. Which is a very big no-no.

Sprites look much better when you make your own palette. Being as the size difference and the file difference is so huge it is necessary to create new colors to fit the new piece.

Try and keep that in mind for next time. Do not copy colors, it makes your work look a bit sloppy.

Now thats a piece to be proud of. Well done!
Well, after sharing the process with you I only felt it fair to show you the results. She is…FINISHED!!!

That said, I was shocked at how poorly I began this process. I guess it shows that as long as you keep working at something you can get it done right. (I am so inspirational.)

For those who do not now what I am talking about, please see here:

@Noland: Okay then. Glad to see your still pixeling. Even though you now make crazy good mouse drawings. :)
I really love where your going with this. Though might I suggest a slight palette switch that is based on your Metal Sonic sprite.

This is what I mean:

Either way, fantastic job!
Damn cute monkey, and I should know!

But alas, the color count is indeed too high. I could see this sprite with around 4-6 well chosen colors.
This is much better than most of the SA edits that I've seen. Yes the hair is a bit outlandish. But then again most Sonic characters display such characteristics.

Well done.
Been playing with palettes!
Hey guys, whats up?

I have been playing around with this ladies' color a bit and have come up with four fruity palettes. Let me know which is your favorite, or if they all suck!

So which will it be? The washed out colors, or the bright and vivid ones?
1A 1B 1C 1D
2A 2B 2C 2D

(Keep in mind that this is for fun and is only extended as a means of feedback.)

@Risky2k: I have always loved watching an artist create his work. THe finished product is great and all, but watching his first person view is really helpful toward my own learning.

I have to say, Risky, I concur with Cman on the color choice of the hair. I wasn't sure what I was going for and as a result I am still not happy with it. I would love to hear whether or not you have any ideas for hair color. I feel stumped. ;_;
@cqclegoman: Thank you for your criticism. Your right, the hair and shirt need a color overhaul. The hair was the one thing I felt really uncomfortable with. But alas it was that rather evening-esque time of day and my bed was calling.

Look for an update in the coming days!