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originally I was gonna make Coale's shoes white but then I was like no he's not the type to be able to keep his shoes nice so those shoes at one point WERE white but now they're dirt chic
It's Coale!

He's the kind of person who doesn't care about fashion so he just wears the same thing for years
I kinda haven't divulged much of my personal life on here but I'm in a much better place right now so I feel more comfortable talking about it, long story short once I started art classes at university in 2010 my mental illness decided to activate and I went untreated from 2010-2014. I was depressed, had major anxiety, and dealt with suicidal thoughts. I quit my cashiering job because it aggravated my anxiety too much, I was able to get my art degree in 2013 but when I went back to school to study accounting I literally wanted to die every time I tried to do my homework because the information just swam around in my head and I couldn't concentrate at all. That was pretty much the turning point, I was failing all my classes that semester because I was constantly having panic attacks and then finally I was like ok this isn't doable anymore I gotta get help. tbh I think you can tell what my head space was like at that time because the comic got more dreary and not cute at all during that time. So I've been going to a psychiatrist for the past two years and I finally feel like myself again. I still have symptoms, but they are much more manageable now. Like the only major regret I have in my life is that I didn't get help sooner. I spent my entire college career in a fog, I wish I could have been able to study and produce art as the real me. But now I have a steady job again and a tight circle of friends who are my support system and everything is nicer.
and I legit haven't logged in in a year and I come back and EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT but I'm really digging it the new layouts for things are really cute
like today I just got a feeling that I should post the pages I've been sitting on and then I looked at the archive and realized that the last page I posted was from exactly one year ago GOOD JOB VAGUELY REMEMBERING THINGS, BRAIN
copy/paste is my friend
Her name is Wulfenite, and she's the one who hit Kuro on page 193

EDIT: Don't mind me I'm just forgetting to draw Inu's scars all willy nilly
I didn't have any designs for the background acarutos before I drew this page, so it was pretty fun drawing designs on the fly, I might expand on a few of them as characters eventually.
Last chapter cover! I'm thinking about making this available as a print on Redbubble but I dunno if I wanna do it with the text or have a textless version up.
This is the end of Chapter 6, Chapter 7 will be the final part!
@hiddenwings King's Hawaiian B)
Hello!! I'm going through some stuff IRL right now that I don't really wanna talk about right now, but I do have some time now to spend on making comics so that's good!

As you can see, the art on this page is kinda janky. I've been having a hard time getting motivated to work on this comic because I wasn't getting the same joy from it that I did in the past, I figure it's because it got kinda (melo)dramatic and I'm not really a fan of doing serious stuff and I realized I like drawing comedy much more, so I'm gonna try and get back into the groove with that. I'm also trying to simplify the process of making pages so that I can make them faster and get this story finished before the end of the year, so from here onwards I'll probably just color the comic using flat colors and no shading. I love how art consistency is pretty much nonexistent in this comic and I can just do whatever I want heueuhehueuheh

Anyway, I have the rest of this chapter thumbnailed already, so I should be able to complete it by the end of the month and then move on to the final chapter!

Thanks for sticking with me! :)

@hiddenwings What are you majoring in? :D
I actually graduated with my BA in studio art Spring '13 but I went back the beginning of this year to earn a degree in accounting (while I'm grateful to be able to have the means to get a second degree, I hate the classes because the material doesn't come to me naturally 6_9)
@hiddenwings I've been fine, thanks for asking! :D I made a few sketches of skirts but haven't really decided on a final design, but I have made a final design on the sunglasses yaaaay Also I think I remember you mentioning a while ago that you were in college, are you still taking classes?
Hello!! How have you guys been? :)

I'm gonna start designing the next costume change for the kids, are there any certain types of clothes you guys wanna see? Last time there was a costume change hiddenwings suggested somebody wear a trenchcoat so I put Inu in one, and I thought it might be fun to make some more outfits based on reader suggestions. :D Oh yeah, the next world's weather is warm, so no more heavy coats and whatnot (I'LL FINALLY GET TO DRAW INU'S FACE AND HAIR AGAIN HAHAHAAHA)
Hi guys :)
I would have gotten this done sooner, but I was sick all last week. X_x I'm all better now so that's good!
I'm really pleased with how the last panel came out, Viktor's pointy face is one of my favorite things to draw. XD