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Well...i guess you can say that im a kind person that everybody likes and gets along with. I am nice, sweet, and shy. I love anime, music, singing, and playing the piano.
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Time to blind you with my body!! >:D the water is all lies!! lol
*gulp* stuff just got real o.0
haha the light burns!!! >.<
you know i would help but i have no money my self sorry. Anyways someones in trouble haha >.<
lmao i love the card board cut out of him xP that was funny and those things scared me too when i first played. i rolled all the way to the castle before sun set so i would have to see them lol.
LOL!!! Thats and good one. Wasnt expecting that but then again i did. Link using Navi 2 enemies 0 >.<
i love it how dark lizzie gives lizzie the look like why didnt you get mangled like a doll >.<
I like the bro bump in the second panel and the last two are epic! Lol :3
It's scary and cute ^_^
Dude these things freaked me out when i first played master quest. i like how you kept Navi annoying as usual lol.
haha i love it but lets hope Jack doesn't do too much damage if he finds out :p
lol that was a fun room but i thought i was doomed when i first walked in. oh and its Limbo of DOOM!!! lol i had to be the combo breaker. :P
aww poor Zack but at least they are togther now :D
I like how there is a question mark on the juice box lol :p poor Zack.
OMG!!! love this page!!! i like the juice box part hehe :P
you drew the so proud. oh and of course you though of using Navi as amo lol
aww baby lizzie :D tiny but mighty lol
omg i have to point this out...squirrel...:p anyways poor Jack
love how you used my reaction when i first played it :P
lucky is gone! oh and that is the funniest thing i have ever seen LMAFO!!! :D