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hononono please don't quit this comic! don't you see all these people that enjoy reading it so much? It's so adorable and lighthearted even with these gory monsters and scenes and it's just a very cleverly balanced comic. Goddang if I could draw like you I would never deattach a pencil from my hand ever. Cmon, there isn't even a one percent chance this story will go on in the future?
heehee that person on ruthie's right looks like lucas from mother
ffff that movie was awesome.
I love you Kim, and I'll listen to every word that comes out of your blessed mouth!
lol at first I read it backwards so I thought that he did a magic trick with the ball. XD
sucks to your ass-mar.
marry meeeeee
woaaaah reigan I can't stop staring at your icon~
I love how manry Liam looks. Almost like Ike, but way better!
You draw the most Ah-mazing shoes.
oh yeah, and people.
holy crap it's ganondorf.
ha! i was born Tuesday!
That looks like... the blue badger...
lol found it.
awww man
even though your art stlye is not conventional it's great! it's so perfect :B
Your story isn't half bad either.
oh. my. god.
Finally! 8DDDDDDDD
i am 54 of course.
Awww sweet you are back!
we missed you a tooooon