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January 19th, 2011
Is that because they are ALL true?
Reminds me of that one scene in halo.

It looks like he took the helmet
off, but if you hacked the game you
could see another underneath.

Always lots of fun.
January 2nd, 2011
Twenty-Twenty will be fun to say.
I made a couple of differences as you can see.

Which do you think I should stick with? Or should I mitch-and-match?
Feel free to experiment.

So far, I like the colouring.
Maybe I should consider darkening it a bit. I'll post my results.
A work in Progress. If I may judge myself, my poses are way too stiff. But I'm having trouble giving them more life... But I'll get there.
My only suggestion would be to make more contrast in the scarf's shading. Just so it doesn't look like a solid colour.
Looks pretty neat!

Is sonic colours worth purchasing? I'm finding mixed reviews.
First comment (on this comic) of the new years!

Go me! Go me~!
I like it. It's a pretty original character.
First post of 2011.
This is a pretty interesting comic.

the artwork is alright, and I can't really judge on the story until it begins to speed up.

If I may suggest something,
try giving your character nick or abbreviated names or something. It's just that they have pretty lengthy names.
I may be interested. It's been months since I've really gotten involved in Smack Jeeves, and an author comic might be the thing I need to spark my interest.
Is this comic currently accepting authors?
If so, does the style matter?
I don't like it when things have to end..
You should have listened, MP.
Now if you would excuse me, I'm going to ride one of these fancy new maverick bikes or something..
Definitely something..
I swear, one more form and I'll pop him with a needle!