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I like to imagine that the white text is the voice of the narrator from the Super Friends.
I'm getting bettter at the special effects I swear.
That or some kind of plot-armor.
You know, when I first started this comic I thought it would be nothing but dark-comedy, and I now have an anthropomorphic hedgehog getting blasted out of a hole by a missile. Also the italicized words are lyrics from Dragonforce. But you should know that already because they are awesomeness.
I have learned something. Special effects make non-awesome things awesome.
Most people celebrate when they reach 50 pages. That's nothing. Now 51 is an achievement. Also that's almost 30 panels in this page, I'm never doing that much again.
The most effective way to use hammerspace is when a character does not know they can...even when they consciously use it.
Welcome back to your regularly scheduled comedy.
Just a tad.
Damn. Just realised I'm gonna have to make a new banner now.
Do I smell a running gag?
Or not much of a twist depending on how predictable this comic is.
'Tis what happens when I make these pages around 3:00AM... which is pretty much the only time I work on pages.
You probably will. And since you're not a nameless grunt, you have a much higher chance of living.
I officially have nothing better to do with my time.
Two in a day?
Not only has Hell frozen over, but they are now offereing discount ski trips.
Yet another victim of chronic getting-a-giant-cut-across-the-chest-syndrome.
Wait, did I finish a page in one day? Has Hell frozen over?
Sure, send'em in.
Thanks dude. And don't worry about him, best not to feed the trolls.