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Metal Swift
I'm a freelance artist/writer in Birmingham, AL. I first picked up a pencil and drew something while in kindergarten and developed an interest in comics in 5th grade (1994-1995).

I find the manga style to be easier to pick up on and keep consistent with. You can basically learn it from just watching TV and it can be done without reference lines (plus coloring isn't needed, I'm AWFUL at coloring). Even though I use a variation (or bastardization) of the manga style, I'm not a huge manga fan. I LOVE American style comics and storylines.

Some of my favorite titles are The Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and The Mighty Avengers/The New Avengers. My favorite characters are Taskmaster, Luke Cage, Storm, and Ms. Marvel.

If I had to pick a favorite manga I'd go with Bremen, Kinnikuman, Rosario+Vampire, and Bastard (thanks to my gf for recommending Bastard).

My other hobbies include brain teasers/puzzles, writing, reading (sword and sorcery), and heavy metal (LOVE TRUE METAL).
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It's off to a good start.
HA! How random!
This comic keeps piling on the awesome. I'm liking it.
Yunha is cool.
HA! That thing is a menance!
Love your artwork. Nice nod to women's wrestling/joshi so far!
You NEVER really get interesting talk like that at a game store. lol
Word doesn't get around about this barber shop, huh? lol
One barber shop I'd stay away from.
Wow, pretty expensive for a haircut.
Wally is weird...and a little creepy. What in the hell was panel three? Great stuff.
Oh Walworth, you're so witty.
HA! I'm rooting for you Watermelonperson!