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@ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: Do they still pay people for that?
Typo in the first panel, that should be "Were you always barefoot?"
@King_Kindred: Well his artistic ability was touched on quite a bit earlier in the story.
@Graham: She didn't steal it. Everyone knows that if you just leave something lying out in the open in your own house it is an invitation for someone else to come along and take it.
@Zelkova: well that and officer Jenny seems to be a little... deranged.
That is one cute bulbasaur.
I'm thinking Squirtle.
Love the art style, and it looks like it's going to have an interesting plot. Fav'd!
@H0lyhandgrenade It probably helps that this chapter didn't have over 100 pages. :)
@willky7: actually, I think when I person who microwaves eevees starts giving you advice on morality, you shoudn't listen.
P.S. Tacos!
What was George going to do next? Check his trash cans for rare items?
Yay! I found another Pokemon comic that is well drawn and funny. :)
YAY! You're back. *begins preparations for the parade.*
I wonder if the Magikarp get's exp from all that flailing he does just trying to get around. Also Atty's Pokemon are surprisingly loyal.
@Taseli: Yes, but Atticus (the one the pronouns "him" and "his" where directed at) is a boy.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Well her hood is down, I think she had her hood up for most of time before now.
@RazorD9: That sounds like to most logical conclusion. Maybe Aperature Science even developed the Portal guns from Diglet research.
Hmm, are they all laying on top of an Onix, or is that just a bunch of Onix shaped boulders around them?
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Also apparently Thad and Trix aren't all that much older than him. I seem to recall H0ly saying Thad was 18. (Though I could be mistaken.)
@Poppy: I think he was saying that's it's nice that Mokepon doesn't go for political correctness.