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The name's Vexx, Im a gamer and drawer. I enjoy alot of Nintendo games, hence why Pokemon are number one in my book. Im a cartoon artist in training, meaning Im still learning, but hopefully with time it'll get better. I have other peaces of art on deviantArt if you wish to look. I hope you enjoy reading my material :3
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Such an Original Title
So as you know doubt are aware, the latest instalment of The Legend of Zelda has finally arrived! And with it comes a new fresh air of excitement, adventure and dangers! But, what does this mean for our young heroes? What has happened that put them in this situation? Time to venture out and discover why! Hope ya'll like!
Say whut now?
Sorry was sharpening my blade. Alot of monster fighting now due to this year Being Zelda's 30th Anniversary (and Pokemon's 20th). Can you believe it?!

And yeah, thanks for being super cool with us despite the speed of work. Been having some rough patches lately, and its a hard wall to climb. But still we continue to fight and I hope that one day we'll be able to get through it together and get to having fun with our lives again c:

And yes! Go support my leafy partner and commission her! If you can't, then spread the word! Help her out and give her lots of love.
I'm in and out atm so I dunno when commissions for myself will come. But when the time is right you wonderful folks will know ;3

For now enjoy and thank you again for your patience and awesomeness for Thyme!
Chapter 7, Page 15
Only three pages this month, sorry guys!
Been pretty occupied with things related to art. But also I've begun a cold, so that'll be fun for the coming week. (Seriously never catch a break, do I?)

Hope you've been enjoying these pages! Leave any comments you'd like regarding the comic!
Oh! And also my good friend and Thyme Partner SilverLunarwing made this awesome piece of art for PMDT's 800 fan milestone! ...However I've completely forgotten how to code the thing into this site's extra page XD So for now here's a link, and be sure to check out her Shinka: The Last Eevee Comic, and our own collab series Ocarina of Thyme! = Thanks for all you 800 fans!

Have a good weekend guys! Till next time!
Better sit in folks!
I got this sinking feeling that things are about to get tight!
Just don't throw a fit at me if these puns are so bad :0
Can check out Team Hydroflame's side by going here:
Two awesome teams working together, awesome right?
Chapter 7, Page 12
Been a bit slow again, due to health issues. If you wish to hear more about how I get on, I occasionally stay in touch on twitter!
You can find my page by either heading to deviantART on my homepage here, or by going to (I think that's the right address...)

Thanks for reading!
Chapter 7, Page 8
More updates to follow
I kinda died a bit too with the comics. But I shall try too to get them going, specially Thyme here!

Go Thyme Team!
Insert good title here
Been reading through the comments, since I haven't really responded or had time to look, to see what I've been missing. And so far its quite a mix of things!

First off, thank you all for being patient with me, despite my speed progress and all. I do try really hard to make this fun for everyone!

Second, yes I am suffering from a disease, Crohn's. Not fun.

Third, if you guys continue to spam nonsense here and make things unpleasant for everyone, then I will have no choice but to ban guests and folk who're harassing others.

This is meant to be a fun comic! And yes I am rather slow its a power out of my hands, just try to understand a little...And don't be such butt-heads about it : /

So please, bear with me as I continue this really fun tale of GreenFire and their adventures!

Final note, no I do not plan to quit. I still fight to get this story going!
@MetaFawful: No I did not! I'll fix that at some point xD
(Ack well, mistakes happen!)
Yep yep
But we do our best none the less~

<sub>Don't forget you can send questions our way via askblog up top!
Chapter 7 page 5
Double update today to make up for missing updates, next one coming in half an hour!
There's a lesson to be learned
When you're partnered with a mon with a good singing voice, don't steal that from her. Moons be hating bad singing yo.

<sub>Sorry for the delays and such. Meds be mucking me up good. Working on new Thymes this week so look forward to a new one soon! Any other delays I will let you alls know. Sorry anyway eheh...</sub>

Think I should stick to flutes and harps, right partner?
Chapter 7 page 4
To hopefully increase the speed of pages from here on, the series in undergoing a little "Change of Pace"
The Saur there will explain futher.
Stuff this week just caught my attention, and if it wasn't for my trusty partner in Thyme, I'd forgotten this mini-sode!
So no new page yet, but hopefully this'll Tingle your interests! If you haven't seen the Zelda cartoon, then you may not get this idea I had.

Also we have another milestone achievement! Woo! Thanks for being such awesome fans!
Say Silver, think we should do something for this 400 count?
Strange, isn't it?
But yeah it is rather spooky, what with Majora's Mask and N3DS and everything on Friday the 13th. Best watch yourselves fans!

<sub>And also, while you're gazing at the oncoming moon in the remake, you should take a gander at this poster I made for Thyme!: </sub>

Have a good day, y'all!
Keep that Sand Train a rollin'
<sub>Meh, funky title</sub>

Looks like our Heroes made that Pirate walk his own plank! Showed him who's boss and Silver acquired a new bow in the process~ As it happens with most Zelda games in a mini boss battle ,:3 Not too bad eh?

<sub>Speaking of battles, Young Link and Tingle are now in Hyrule Warriors! And let me just say, Young Link is epic!</sub>
Chapter 7 page 3
Don't forget to check out the affiliates for other comics!
<sub>Some might be a little out dated, but I'll be some really good comics out there still have links to other great works! Keep your eyes peeled, young explorers!
Chapter 7 page 2
I'd advice hovering your mouse on the page for little texts in the future, just pointing that out now~
Doing my best to keep up with pages. But problems keep arising. Still I do my best so that everyone can enjoy these pages!
Yo ho, Ahoy at the mass
Being a Pirate is really badass!

Hahahah! You heard right! Back on the seas of adventure we arr!
Nay good at me pirate slang buuuut who cares.