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mike-man: expanding the empire

yh, so the secret santa's coming up in 10 days or so. if you have been assigned me, try to go along the theme of resident evil. that'll be awesome if you could.
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christ almighty i bust a gut over the comments in the video! LOL?!?!?!?!
February 15th, 2008
:hides red paint:
LOL. what a sherd person to do that
he has a speaking problem. it was meant to be like that
i can make a good guess who did this :)
i always knew fire extinguishers would one day rule the world... or attack freee. either way it's funny
it was like magic
it's expired oil that lumped together.
you win this time resident evil! scamming scags into zombiehoodness
this was just like south park, when mr. macky phones the police after a turd was found in a urinal. lol. 5/5
lol. titty poke
lol " don't stop so suddenly." brilliant
you're not good at anything really
lol. that was good
happy birthday eddy
i don't look like that...right?
i'll take 4
man, that is brilliant! makes me want to cry!