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I enjoy drawing, but I'm easily distracted and always very busy. And a procrastinator :) Please bare with me and my frivolous actions/comics/drawings/being super busy. Thank you and now you may return to your usual broadcasting.
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Gym class!
Oh how I know this all too well xD
I believe this calls for challenging with the use of white gloves .
I'd definitely do that to my sister. xD
With my fascination and love of eyes, you can only imagine how much this page pleases me -starry eyed-
Woohoo! Go me! x3 Loooove ya.
No worries, as long as this comic doesn't die I'm happy =] Haha, their expressions crack me up as always.
I adore this page. xD
Yes, life outside SF.... coughDAandyoutubecough xD
Yes computers are one of my greatest opponents other than plastic wrap >.> But I'd be lost without mine xD
AH! I disappeared again. I'd comment on every page if I weren't so forgetful -face palm- xD
Well I just have to say your expressions are AMAZING and they make my day. x3
And I don't mind late updates, I understand. I have the worst computer trouble. Viruses, battery cords, screens not working, you name it xD
Haven't commented in a while... Well you sure aren't short of commenters xD Gosh Alan xDDD At least the unicorn isn't depressed looking. And NOODLEY ARMS! =3
I'm interested but can't promise anything right now >< I might be able to contribute once I finish some projects I have going right now. =]
I love this. Especially their outfits. Oh geez xDDD
*takes shot*

New favorite page xDDD
xD I can understand why. <3

And I really love this page Owo