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Hardcore Digital
I love you Imperial XD
If it's not right, then do it Shard's way.

Shard's way is the best way!
"The only reason you should say 'No comment' is if the character him or herself is uncertain of what they would say or do, or if they are uncomfortable talking about it."

Sounds as if your the one in control of it all.
Then again, I thought people we're free to express themselves in any form or matter.

Oh well.
Dregan, I don't understand the 5th panel.
His nose exploded from his high blood pressure.

August 4th, 2010
Anyone: Perform an ability that scans the status of the current enemy presented towards you.
>Look outside the window.
Thank you Bad guy!.
Its stupid for characters to shout the name of their attack.
June 10th, 2010
No one cares, shut the hell up..

Not you Impy.
What if your penis drank that?
Thats lovely, now go back to your little dream world of make believe.

Or better yet, just go play Little Big Planet.
>Use your Soul Gem to revert the darkness.
I'm black, so I wouldn't know what thats like.
Which movie did you see?
This shit is stupid :/