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Well I really don't have much to say about myself. I am a fan of Oranges and Pears current comic about pokemon mystery dungeon. Not much to say. I will update this if possible. In any case Adios. (It's means Goodbye in Spanish Esponal)
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You know some of your world building is uncannily similar to mind. Then again, I have seen a few of my other "original" concepts already depicted in other PMD fics and comics. Guess minds think alike in this regard.

I can only hope I can get my own stuff posted in time so I can have the dubious honor of getting first dibs on some of the concepts.
My personal opinion on the matter of swearing is to use as much as required to progress the story and illustrate the character at hand. Provided you are strategic about it, swearing can be used to illustrate the perspective of a character in a most concise manner. Swear words can be quite flexible in their application if there's a creative mind behind it. Of course like any tool it can be abused in a manner that runs it into the ground, thus losing its potency and effectiveness over time.

Ultimately it falls to you on how much to use, but if it fits the character, use it. Don't hold back if needed, but use it where it counts.
December 31st, 2018
Well, at least it's finally here. Better late than ever I suppose. Can't really blame you all things considered.

Hopefully the comic shall resume apace. Good to see it back in action.
@Eevee power: Well most of her. Shame we can't see her face.
I wonder, will this be the moment Deadwood augments our little doe here to better prepare for the trials ahead? I presume this isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Then, and only then, would she truly earn the title of demon.
September 20th, 2018
Honestly, any pronoun will do. The Father, the Mother, or simply "It".

Whatever you decide.

Though personally I envision the forest as feminine. Mother Nature and all that jazz.
Well this was disappointing, but ultimately not unexpected due to the update schedule. Just another fic to add to the graveyard.

Ultimately I would have been happy to wait for a year even for an update, but the decision lies with you. But if you are indeed thinking of going professional in the comic book industry, beware. It simply ain't what it used to be.

Though hopefully you indie adventures may fare well, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. So with that, we bid you adieu and farewell forevermore from Smack Jeeves. It was a good run while it lasted.

Knock em dead champ.
Who knows? Having it be spoken by a demon who only seeks happiness doesn't seem too bad. Aside from the fact that said demon is a predatory parasitic entity who uses a doe against her own species and others, but that's besides the point.

Story is trucking along fine as ever. Keep it up.
So out of curiosity, what inspired the creation of this comic?
A Comfy Comic
I must say that this comic is rather relaxing to be honest. Just simple, down to earth with its warm art style.

An enjoyable treat to be sure.

That said, whatever formatting or layout you have here is botched. Picture sometimes fail to show, meaning I must manually take a second click to get it to show via show image. Also whatever web format you were going for is currently in a broken state.

That said, I find the comic itself very much a good read. It has been added to my daily watch. I look forward to any future content that you produce. Just try to get the format fixed if you can.
@Songdog: By chance, will she burn down its office with the lemons given to her?
@Songdog: If its any comfort, it seems the panels here are much improved from what I have seen earlier. So progress has been made.

Persist, and more shall yet come in due time.
An Intriguing Setting
Well now, I find myself pleasantly surprised by what you have here. Though the art style for the characters leaves something to be desired, namely it being rather simplistic and bland compared to what else I have seen on this site. Nonetheless it is servicable for the story's needs, and I do find myself engrossed by the tale woven thus far.

Perhaps in time improvements shall be seen, but until that point I shall keep a watchful eye on this story.

Here to the future for this comic and its continual improvement.

Well then... Finally made it to this point. For a while I thought this comic was on a permanent hiatus. Good to see that isn't the case.

I look forward to the next installment of your work mate. Keep it up. Yours is amongst the better quality comics I have seen here. It would be a shame to lose it.

Again, keep up the good work.
So such politics are pervasive in this world too. A pity.

I must wonder what wit had given them caused to cast his lot in jail though. It should be interesting.
Well, it would appear that the shocks are taking their toll. The question is how long has Nathan letting them build up to get to this point?
@Experiment04LLZ: The SSP comics? Care to provide a link to those?
August 3rd, 2017
Weill... This format is certainly unorthodox, and somewhat hard to follow. Not the usual conventional stuff that I usually read, but the style has hooked my eye.

I shall keep my eye on this, though an explanation for the inspiration of this art style would be nice.
August 3rd, 2017
Such a defiant yet childish gesture.

I have a sneaking suspicion as to how this might play out.
Posting Scrap Content
Just out of curiosity, are you going to post the scraped pages as a bonus at some point in time? I noticed that you have sometimes took down some pages to reconfigure the story, and was curious if it were possible to access these pages, if only for archival purposes.

They were quite nice.