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Well I really don't have much to say about myself. I am a fan of Oranges and Pears current comic about pokemon mystery dungeon. Not much to say. I will update this if possible. In any case Adios. (It's means Goodbye in Spanish Esponal)
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Well then... Finally made it to this point. For a while I thought this comic was on a permanent hiatus. Good to see that isn't the case.

I look forward to the next installment of your work mate. Keep it up. Yours is amongst the better quality comics I have seen here. It would be a shame to lose it.

Again, keep up the good work.
So such politics are pervasive in this world too. A pity.

I must wonder what wit had given them caused to cast his lot in jail though. It should be interesting.
Well, it would appear that the shocks are taking their toll. The question is how long has Nathan letting them build up to get to this point?
@Experiment04LLZ: The SSP comics? Care to provide a link to those?
August 3rd, 2017
Weill... This format is certainly unorthodox, and somewhat hard to follow. Not the usual conventional stuff that I usually read, but the style has hooked my eye.

I shall keep my eye on this, though an explanation for the inspiration of this art style would be nice.
August 3rd, 2017
Such a defiant yet childish gesture.

I have a sneaking suspicion as to how this might play out.
Posting Scrap Content
Just out of curiosity, are you going to post the scraped pages as a bonus at some point in time? I noticed that you have sometimes took down some pages to reconfigure the story, and was curious if it were possible to access these pages, if only for archival purposes.

They were quite nice.
Nyra huh?

Read Guardians of Ga'hoole by any chance?
So those are the reasons.
Acceptable I guess.
But what is wrong with the backround? Is it glitched?
Cause it seems a few kinks are needed to be worked out.
What the hell!?
This page layout...
Not really an improvment, in fact it looks like degradment.
The comic page is blocking two of the links to the right!
I still don't like that profile picture.
Somthing tells me that thing will come out of it's potrait, come and kill me, maine me, and worse. Or perhaps its just me being a parnoid. Be careful, I think that wigglytuff may just want to kill ya. Glauxspeed Pears!
An update at last.
Well thats fine and all but that new profile picture just gives me the creeps. What happened to the Pikachu?
Bout bloody time.
I was wondering where you were Oranges. I am in the same situation with school here. Luckly school is almost over. One month to go. Your main looks good enough. Sorry about not posting at first, dad just made me a new account.
DragonhandX is right. Earlier during this comics lifespan it got spam by random fans of the comic one of which was me. By spaming I mean sort of interacting with this comic. But I guess somthing with the spam may have interfeared with the comics internet connection or somthing. I'm not sure why we had to stop but Oranges said if we didn't stop spaming this poor comic she would disable the ability to place comments on the story. She even made a spam page of Pika Pi saying no no. That my friend is how serious she gets. I liked the portrait so I hope somewhere in this comic she repost it. And by the way sorry for the long comment. And Mythical don't even think about spaming this comic or else. I hope you guys updated with anti malware software. Chao! Oh and I hope you brought your unbrella pikachu. Its raining cats and dogs over here. And I hope you enjoy your summer when it come.
Thanks for the great comic Oranges! Edited on April 17 2009

P.S. this comic just webpage just reached 51 comments.
If you thought I was serious you must be new to the coimic.
Waaaay new. I would never trash this comic. Clearly it shows effort put into it and did I mention how unique it is? And Snowy Death?
Try to find even the smallest error you can find. Tell her a picture doesn't look right, grammer error and so on. Thats what I mean. If it looks and feels right to you then your A O K. Now read the story you buckos!
Ahh sorry
Sorry about that gizumimipichu.
I was a bit tired during that comment and I guess I wasn't thinking straight. My most gracious apoligizes. But spudwalt got what I was meaning. But then again praise is sometimes just what the docter order. Also I hoped you heed my warning about that worm I told you about. I am not taking any chances so just found an anti virus program. Its called Malwarebytes anti-malware. The thing is reliable but I suggest getting somthing better. Sorry for the spam, just paroinoid over this worm.
Uh indeed
Yeah giumimpihcu. But try to write more constructive commts next time. Trust me it helps the authors so much more.
I'm damm serious
The title says it all. Sorry for the "word" being used but thats how bad this Conflicker virus is. My suggetion is to get software to combat this thing so your hardrive is safe.
After all, we don't want to lose our valuable stash of information working day and night and then out of nowhere BOOM bad day really bad day and quite litterly as well. Spam this as you might but you still have to be aware of whats going on. You can't be oblivious to the outside world thinking nothing bad is ever going to happen. Believe me I went out there with the same adittude and payed the price for it by getting my personal computer infected with TWENTY COMPUTER VIRUS, TROJAN HORSE, MALWARE, AND WORMS! Thats how litteraly how bad things can get if your not careful. So I implore you to update on anti-virus programs espcially if your a microsoft user. Macs on the otherhand are a bit safer. And that ends my big rant of spam. Sorry about that.
Very well done. It seems you made yourself a unique comic. I hope you use your ideas wisely.