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Yeah, that's usually my approach... make em as I need em. And since I didn't need em anymore... well... yeah. >_<
TWEWY!!!!!(x9001) Best damn game ever!

And it may have taken you awhile but at least you're updating (unlike me) =o

I like the edited Kanares sprites, though they seem kind of moot (for me) at this point... I was working on some revamped sprites before I suddenly got too busy/lazy to keep up with the comic. I like the fix on his hair particularly, and the pants are a lot better. The shirt seems to be a stiff block though. And for the record (in case you wanted to change them too) I never intended his eyes to just be blue dots, it kinda came with my shitty attempt at hair.

The character seems familiar but I can't place it! >_<
Haha, the sad part is I actually DID spend some time plotting out what would happen next, jotting down some notes and plot points...

But my workload is so huge now (junior in the IB program (extremely rigorous program, tons harder than AP =/)) and I have almost zero free time. Any free time I DO have is used up gaming to relax, and believe me, it's not much. So now that I WANT TO WORK ON THE COMIC, I CAN'T. Fuck irony. The world is garbage.
Ahh, the paradoxical secret boss of Chrono Trigger DS. -cough-

I don't see how you could have possibly planned this from the start, since CTDS wasn't out. Hurray for dynamic storyline adjustments!
Whooo there's a party in her head!
I can't imagine Enker can be too happy having a teammate who (so far) has done nothing but sit on the sidelines and comment while he get's his ass kicked.

Even I'm getting annoyed with his comments. I like it more when the banter is between the fighters.

Either way, Enker's ****ed now. No Mirror Buster = Projectile Weapon Destruction. Omega's more loaded than Napalm Man.
Okay I'm pretty sure I know what sycophantic means, but I still have to check because the comments are making me think something different from what i already know.

Edit: Yeah, that's what I thought. In fact, for everyone ELSE'S convenience:

Sycophantic (noun): a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.
Oshi- you're back!

I'm in no real position to say anything about you not updating since i haven't updated myself in over... 4 months?

So I'll just say welcome back.
Well no, I don't think I can make any kill-offs. I just need to get through this story arc properly. I'm used to having the party split up, but now everyone's in the same place.
Ryan, on The Nemesis Pts 6-8 you have a typo in each one. Just thought I'd bring that to your attention.

Pt 6: 2nd Panel, "...likes of [a] glorified..."

Pt 7: 2nd Panel "I [am] human..."

Pt 8: 4th Panel "...learned how you[r] host felt..."

I find it somewhat amusing that there were three typoes in a row, and somehow everyone overlooked them when usually they get spotted in a post or two.
Sorry I haven't been around, Hurricane Ike owned my area. No casualties or anything, but I lost internet for almost a month I think.

Somehow you'd think this would have given me time to work on the comic yet... after we got back to school we had triple the workload to catch up and... well couldn't do anything. So, sorry again/still.
Jesus christ it's been two months. Guess I broke my promise... and with my massive workload (junior year in the IB program) I really can't see any comics coming up in the near future... sorry guys but my grades are slipping (and it's only been like a month of school!! X_X) and I really don't have too much time to do much...

Not to mention I have completely forgotten what I had planned for the next comic. Between trying and failing to get Flash (yeah it was supposed to be animated) and thinking up plots, I lost inspiration for it sometime after. When(if) the next comic comes it probably won't be animated anyway. What I know about flash could fill a thimble. (somehow creating each individual frame separately and pasting it in Flash seemed like a good idea to me two months ago, now... not so much.)

I'll do my best to get stuff up but for now... no promises... =/
I hate not being able to hate time travel.
I'm somewhat confused by the first panel. Is Blue answering the question for Kalinka or something, or is the dialogue box tail off?

Also, this should be W.M.D.s - Pt 11, not Pt 10.
It's nearing a fucking month and I still haven't done anything yet. My god I just can't think of how to make this plot work... There's too many characters at once and I lost my motivation at some point... I dunno.

Sigh. I guess for now the comic is in for a break.
I didn't even realize she was holding something in her hand. It's color blends in too well with the background, maybe you should change it or give it a glow.
Huhm. Ryan your last line reminded me of Dr. Horrible. It's not the exact same line though so I'm wondering if it's a reference =<
Ethics test?

How the **** did Joey pass? (see: Friends)
I'm sorry this next comic's taking so long guys... I'm trying to work something out with something and it just isn't working. Ugh... and the dialogues getting really repetitive and cheesy. Need to review it some.

Also driving lessons are scheduled all next week so... it might take a bit longer. I know it's already been a long time but... sorry. Jesus, and I thought I'd have MORE free time during the summer.

P.S. If you hadn't watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog while it was free on the net, you are a fool.

Hmmm what's that stand for anyway?

Phaser of World Nautical Delugement?

It would fire a laser into the sea that sinks the world. Somehow.