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Yeah! She's cute, Maika! ;3; *wants to steal her away* <33 I can't wait for more updates from you~~~~~
So...pretty. ;v; *dies from epic pretty-ness* ~~~~
;v; YES~ It's finally started~ I can't wait to read this awesomeness~! >v<bbb
... o-o Ruya sure is desperate to get away from Eiji... XDDDD; LOL~
Holy POPCORN! *______________*;;; ... *dies*
HOLY-------!!!!!!!!!! @___________@ I missed this big time...

*roots for Aritaka for no reason* XD
XDDD; It looks like the thief is poking his head with the knife~ <3

The last panel looks fine to me, Ki. o,o

=v= ... Love that chibi face in the fourth panel on Takeshi~ =v=6666 *pokes*
...that doesn't look like a hut... o_o It looks like a greenhouse. XDD; *gets run over* Awesome job though~ ^3^b
Gosh! ;-; I'm so envy the way you draw laces and fluffs, ReuS~ *worships it*
XDDD Silly Maple~ Badly drawn?! *-* Ninja Ki is awesome~! *gets hit*
*-* Who could be screaming?? it..her? 8D; *runs away* XDD;; Great job, ReuS~ Natsumi is so cute~ ;v;
Sure thing, go ahead Bella~ ^3^
NINJA KI?!! *________________________* LOL XXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD This totally made my day~~~
Alrightie~! *3* Anyone can go now and draw the next page~~ ;v;b <3 I look forward to your pages, who ever is drawing next~

*hides from tomatoes*
*____*;;; I'm surprised I finished these pages so fast! ;v;b These are the last 3 pages to my arc, so anyone can draw now~ <3 *gets bricked for taking so long* ;v; I won't be doing an arc again... > > Because I'm just so slow....


*gets hit with a tomato*
I'm so glad you're back~ ^0^b I love your work, and keep it up~ <3
*_* I smell trouble!
XDD It's true that he only has one bag, but "pack your bags" is a figurative speech~ ;B *v* Anyway, I shall keep my "LARGE" eyes to spy any mistakes to help you....that is if you want it. =v=; *hides from Ki's ninja skill of killing*
Krazy Kai~
;v; I'm sorry I couldn't upload a page sooner! *-* My arc will soon hit it's 'romantic'ness~ XDD ;v;a I have a few more pages to go and then all other artists are free to draw the next page. TT u TT b <- you can throw tomatoes at her~