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Ex graphic arts student, I have nothing else to do of my time but drawing comics. (Until I get a job.) So I draw comics.
I've always liked to draw and write stories, so I wish to become a famous comic artist one day. In many, many years maybe, but one day...

People who know me know that I am positively obsessed with goldfish, water and boats. I love getting comments, critism and making comic-artist-buddies.

Well... that's a resume of who Caro is.
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    Caro (for Caroline)
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Well, well, guys... that's it.
For now.

The comic is officially on a break, because I have te recharge my artistic batteries. I'll try to post fillers (argh! Fillers!) once in a while, crossing my fingers so I'll be able to post new pages this summer. (I'll have a two week break from my job, so I'll have at least two weeks to work on my comic projects.)

In the mean time, if you have suggestions, I'll be happy to hear it! You can also give me filler suggestions! (Aaack! Fillers!)

Be sure I'll stick around Smackjeeves.
Ciao for now,
The Author.
Okay... so I thought about it... and I thought it would be drab to leave you with this kind of 'ending'. So I decided to post two other pages on Monday.

Hope you guys hate me a little less now...
You can kill me
Yeah... 'cause the break is coming...
Like... next Friday.
And because I update late again. (Hockey season. I caught myself watching a game and I lost my evening eating chips, screaming with my mouth full at the tv screen.)

I'm just sooo tired with my stupid two jobs, and since I'm a perfectionnist, I will probably change a LOT of things in the re-drawn version of Flow. I'll be back online one day and post a few pages on my DA account, so you know this comic is still alive. You'll probably also get a few sketches and previews...

For those who wonder... Nihm doesn't have an eye on the girl. It's his CATCH. He's not a old pervert.
I should precise: he's talking about himself when he says 'the idiot is out of here'. He's not refering to the girl.

And... what a transformation! Going from punching to calling Nihm 'sir'! Incredible! (It's maybe because he's the only one on the island who doesn't want to give her back to the 'bad guys from Tacyr'.) She learns English pretty quick!

Once again, frustrated expressions kill me.
Comment answering!
Well, I don't hate Syris. It's just that he's just a grumpy little guy. I actually like him, but he's not a 'nice' guy. I wouldn't like to be stuck with him on a desert island. (Boooring!)

His hat isn't gone forever. (He didn't eat it... but he put it off during the night. A few pages ago, you can see he put his hat beside his 'bed'. Long life to the hat!)

As for Nihm's face... harpoon accident. Unlucky guy, isn't he?! (As for the bald guy... lets say that Nihm was *really* angry that day.)
I don't know what scares me the most: Syris' hair or his unexpected swearing.
Don't tell, but HE gives me the creeps.

*On a side-note: I've drawn ten pages of the new version of the comic. Yay for me.
Also trying to come up with a new project with a friend of mine... which I'll maybe turn into a webcomic. (Not my friend. The project.)
This page looks great and I'm in love with the first two panels (so I don't mind waiting for updates.) Really beautiful.

I like this guy. Dense is funny.
I'm not dead. Yet.
Sorry for the huge delay... I just... erm... didn't feel like posting on Monday. Had to do extra time at work again, and somehow I felt as if opening my computer was a hard task. (Really. No kidding. I had to crawl my way home and as soon as I got there I plopped on a couch and didn't move until the next morning. Blame my lazy butt and my mom for drinking all the coffee Monday morning.)

I thought about making up for that by posting two pages today, but... nah. I will make the 'fun' last a little longer.
My mom always told me that if I have nothing to say, I should shut up, so I'll slack on the comments today.

More than five pages to go.
*yippie and not-yippie at the same time*
Erm... yep.
Nihm's dark side. Sort of.

Oh... and happy april's fool!
I wanted to draw a pretty picture of my 'mascot' to celebrate this wonderful day, but I ran out of time.
Narration s*cks.
This page came out dark and word-y.
But I think it looks decent. (Except for the «'» in lets and the many other mistakes I didn't see/was too lazy to fix. God, I have to take English classes! College time seems so far!)

Syris is maybe a little too young to think about moving out and creating a family... and It's probalby a good thing. (Just to think about the poor woman and the bunch of ugly, sarcastic kids they would have makes me feel weird.) It would give the parents a break, though, and they would have space to build in a real bed.
Not much is going on in this page; Nihm goes back to his little business, talking to himself, ready (or maybe not) to kick intruder-butts. Pathetic is a good term for him...

*Eight pages or so until I take a break. It only means one thing... comment ahead and help me to improve Flow. Is there something that bothers you, that you particularly loved, that you would like to see more in the re-drawn version? Would you read the comic more if it was done by hand, in color, more realistic, with a cuter style, more mature, etc? Does the slow pace bother you?

I would like to know... and it would also help a lot with the potential second comic project I have in mind. I'm not really fixed and I'd like to know what the readers think before jumping in it!

You even have the autorization to bash me.
(As if you would 'bash' me. You guys are so nice!)
Happy early Easter to all those who celebrate it.
Cho-co-late!!!! Good against depression.

Looks like someone traduced the poster to Nihm, so now he knows when the 'boat-incident' happened. He deduced the girl spent five days in the sea. (No wonder why she was unconscious for the whole first chapter!)

Nothing makes sense in this page... but I guess nothing makes sense in Nihm's head either, so take it as random thoughts. He talks to say nothing.

So do I.

Trying to explain what happened on 'the raid', since I already mentioned it was partly Nihm's fault. (Now you understand why Syris made a fuss about the frontier back in chapter 1...)

I promise Nihm won't turn emo because of his buddy/girlfriend/call-it-what-you-want's death. It's been five years, so he got over it. Syris shoud have shut his big mouth about it , though... or cut into the 'foolish'.

**By the way, 'Iragha' is the name of Rana's country.
*He meant nothing perverted by 'thanking him', if you wondered. (Even though he thinks she's cute.)
Hell, he scares the cr*p out of me in the first pannel.


I just realized I have 11 pages left to post before I take my break, to re-draw the whole stuff (and maybe to work on a new project with a friend at the same time). 11 is my lucky number, so I thought I should post this random info.
Geez! Dumb French!
*Why do English and French have to be so...similar?

Thanks for pointing it out. It...erm... wasn't on purpose. My Word corrector didn't spot the error when I typed.
We had the biggest snowstorm ever (the biggest in East-Canada since 30 years ago, according to the media) during the weekend. I was away from home, so I had to shovel my way to the door. Result: my back hurts, my legs hurt, my feet hurt... and I totally forgot to update the comic.

Thanks, Mother Nature!

Excuses aside, I had trouble restoring my lineart, so the first three panels look weird. (You're probably gonna say it doesn't but my monitor shows me a horrible bunch of shaky lines.) Old page, old art... the usual!

I like Rana's «Aaak! Get your big face outta here!» expression in the fifth panel, though.
I know.
You probably think: What the hell's going on?!?

For some reason, Rana thinks Tacyr would never make posters in order to find a dead man, so she figured out her friend is alive. (lack of logic.) The emotions made her spit all what she had on her mind in on shot. All the stuff between ** is supposed to be in her language, so Nihm's totally lost (even though he's not showing on the page, you can imagine his 'What's going on' reaction).

Lets just say she is quite talkative when she wants. That's a big change from her 'Vale Chi Chea' phase... and she didn't try to kill Nihm, this time! She improves.
Early update late in the night.
Tomorrow, I'll have to do extra hours at my job, so I post the update tonight.

So... we can stop calling her 'sea-lady' or 'the girl'. (I really want to strangle one of the characters, right now, and I bet you do too!)

... Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to sleep.
*falls like a rock*
Ignore the glitch in the frame.
I'll fix it later.

I hate this character.
I mean, really, really hate him.
The dumbass knew it all since the beginning, apparently, and he even has the 'reward poster' on him to prove it.
Well... lets say I love to hate him, in a positive kind of way.

*And yes, Nihm really doesn't know how to read. (That's what you get for not going to school and fool around all day long!)