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I am a middle-school student with absolutely no sense of maturity. I'm a nutcase that's figured out how to laugh at myself. On my school's yearbook inquiry when it said 'what do you really want to do when you grow up' - I put: 'Drive my college professors to the brink of insanity!'

Me in a nutshell - or in a looney bin.
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    Mary Catherine Caroline Wilbur (Like the Pig!)
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I was so glad to get some love that I'd inked in the next comic page as soon as I saw the comments.......But I'm lazy and I hate fixing up the text. Expect next page soon.
But for now, here's a filler in motion of the original Harue. My NARUTO Original Character!!!!!!

P.S. I love the Kyuubi. If you draw a cool kyuubi for me I will have no choice but to draw you fan art for the rest of your life. I will litterally worship the kilobites you waste----that's how much I love the Kyuubi!
I'm not really trying............but I'm so sad about the result!
Crying little wench
Why do I suck at what I do? Why?

If you don't give me love I'm gonna cry...*sniffle* so please comment....Hate is good too.

The last page made me all warm and fuzzy!
Dun dun dun
Like I said (I thinkk) I'm not really taking any time on this comic. Besides, I hate doing the text on my comic sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! I'll probably update every 3 days or so.

P.S. The T-shirt is neon yellow. Just like the warning sign in my head!
I'm not making this comic for detail. This is just a small plot I had made a long time ago, so I thought I could use it. It'll mainly be a panel practice.
I couldn't help it. When I read your comic I laughed until I cried and my dog hid under the chair in fear.
GAH! I hate you! Gaara is my soulmate and I hate GaaLee stuff......But it's too damn awesome!!!! May you go to bishi hell!
Deary, Deary! Sounds fun! I might even try!
Actually, It's really funny. I couldn't help laughing on the last page!~
Yay! You're posting pages again!!!!
I've lost all interest in harry potter since the books were finished. But I love what's going on!!!! Bloody hell this is awesome!
This manga's main character reminds me of the prince in the anime 'Saiunkoku' (I hope I spelled that right). The only difference is that he isn't wearing Chinese apparel.
May I say that your art is quite professional and your toning is well placed?
:P He deserved that
Hellulz Raffaele!
I think I'll join this collab. As anyone can tell by my comic, I just can't be serious when I draw comics. But, if I'm in a collab I should be able to get more serious when I draw comics...But my real art is friggin AWESOME!!! I'm gonna make a character right now! - and send it in 2 days......Stupid vacation.
I'm so ashamed to be reading (and liking) a manga like this!!!! I hope God forgives me!!!! *kneels down to pray for mercy* *gets struck by a friggin lightning bolt*
Even though I don't like the boss...Those bastards should have more faith in him!

Oh, and I always though that Ameliea's hair was a light brown. My thinking must be messed up.
February 24th, 2009
I wonder...
I got the genders mixed up!!!!
I thought doctor Shipman was a guy. Not because of the name but because of the attitude...BIG surprise.