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uh.. oh

I need to have more comecgoodnehs
lol, wishes for EVERYTHING?

xD, he'll get in trouble. nice backgrounds, btw. I liked the other speech bubbles better!
September 22nd, 2009
I've been reading this comic, I really like it. Good job on everything, I love the print on Nik's shirt. This is definitely a FAV.

I feel so sorry for Nik..

(and i wuv his hauw)
hey, I've seen that in some of the samples for templates.. good work.

Is this from one of your actual comics?
Yep, I gotta go. But the comic I'm making room for is pretty cool, so check it out. It's called Zombie Boy. There aren't any comics yet, but there will be. Oh, there will be.

lol ill PM you mine, check out the characters page for all the others, k? lol
its alright..

alright, thanks!
heh this is hilarious, good work! FAV'd
this comic is hilarious!
this is one of my favorite comics. Ever.
haha this is just GREAT! I love this comic.
wow, I like this comic already. It's cool!

Good so far.

Some advice: See if you can upload the pictures to a computer program like Paint or something and add some easier to read speech bubbles or somethin. And if you can, maybe color it or something, it would definitely add a nice dimension to the comic.

If not, we could work together and I can touch the stuff up more, you could have better speech bubbles and stuff. Sound good?