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@HerpyDerpyHurHur: I don't remember exactly how but it should be in your comic settings somewhere

(unless SJ removed it but i don't think so b/c it works for my other favorited series:
aha wow, I haven't used SJ in forever...This is still a good read :) Would you consider enabling the "save my place" option? :'D
Nice to see you back on here~

You should enable the "save my place" feature if you can :)
My first thoughts are "Is that sanitary...I still wanna try some" lol
best facial expressions :D
Wow even the lemonheads look worried?
random outfit doodle
Love assistant's cape :D
Ooh does that mean we'll see Harold with his limbs visible again?
Best last panel XD
Good luck with your job!
ya wallis you go and beat up a coma patient! (if I remember correctly? lol)
January 28th, 2015
Reused joke from another stupid comic I doodled a long time ago lol

(and my chibis all look the same size but Q is shorter than most of my OCs)
January 19th, 2015
Reloading old comic :P I don't draw much anymore but enjoy these old stupid jokes owo;
Aww...Hm, so he wasn't always a specific color interesting
Ooh...i wonder if there'll be a full scale war /shot
Her & Assistant need to have a Rainbow-off 8D
Best military name ever lol