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Hi thar! Call me Lea :D

I have like a million weird and crazy stories in my head, but as my drawings are pretty lame, I don't dare to turn them into a comic... yet! >8D *impovement will mode ON*

My English is not too good, as I originally speak Spanish, but I still try :)
If you spot any of the thousands of grammar mistakes in my comic, feel free to slap me so I correct it. XD

Oh, I'm a laaaaazy procrastinator, in case you hadn't notic--.... *snore*
New format? Yes? No?

Yes, you, stupid gravity.
We were both okay with the term.
I sense the end of the world approaching.
Meet my twin soul. Phillip should have avoided the encounter on the first place.
Sorry. Exams. School. Responsibilities. They kill me, they always do.
August 13th, 2013
Okay! From now on, updates will be weekly. D8

Sorry! School has come to eat up my time!
@ShakeJake: Ooooh so that's why it didn't work! D:::::::::::::::::::::
I have too many things to do, too little motivation.
Looks interesting so far! Keep it going! :>
I adore languages and have some of my own, which I plan to abuse in my stories.
Kermesh is the tongue of the Kymaras, and it's closely related to Gersen, so many words are shared. Instead, Meerkle (Zkhar) and Londrish (Ygo) have very different grammar, and most people speaks Meerkle anyway, so it's not like Zkhar will bother learning Kermesh.
And some TV birds.
Yay! Green bowels!
July 2nd, 2013
They're currently speaking in Meerkle~
Sure thing Phil. Sounds like a valid reason.
And they wonder why I have no love life.
My sister always sleeps late. It's not our fault.
This is a victory for science!
He did his waiting, since strip #38