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i can't tell you <3 just how much i love this <3 it's so professional <3 and i love the layout <3 and your style is so fabulour <3 i just can't <3 <3 <3 it enough :D more more more
batshit crazy reminds me of that song by nickelback o:

that aside - my gawsh, how i love this comic. can't wait for more :) xxx
June 25th, 2009
i love the way you've done the crowd on the page and the previous one :) you've really got the atmosphere spot on.
hey, i LOVE this so far! your art is gorgeous, you have me completely hooked already :) can't wait to see where you're going with this, looking forward to more.
ahahaha, i love this! she's hilarious, innocence like that should be a crime xxx
looooovin it
i love his expression in the first panel! :D he's such an evil bastard. keep it up, can't wait o:
100 fave!? you're just gettin going ;p :)
oh he's so CUTE. i love this page <3 :D
ahahaha, some of your diologue IS a bit strange frenchie ;p but i loooove your art and "brad" (is he really called brad?) is positively adorable! :)
ok i'll try not to get into the habit of commenting on every single page but i LOVE this :) bravo bravo xx
February 25th, 2009
OMG I love this =D Your characters are so awesome, they're so fun to read about and stuff and yay :3 Moar moar moar.
Haha, I love your comic ;D It's really funny and your art is awesome. I especially adore the chibis on this page :3

ps. your layout sucks though ); i have to scroll to the right everytime i load a new page. *is lazy*