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Just like Zilla and Sonic. Into movies and various other arts. Be in college in a bit, so getting film experience in. Contrary to popular belief I'm not dead, and nor is my comic. Should be up as soon as I can be arsed.
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rouge came in in chapter 5 (irc)
amazingly, yes still get hits a day, and there still new readers.
I don't know.
No, vaild questions, most of em.
up2u pal.
annoyingly it was fixed.. but i looks like i need to fix it again... and done I think
I know I haven't updated for a while, but while getting the new episodes ready i came across this .. AGAIN, for the like the 6th time... i've double and triple checked, so it's fixed now. sorry for any confusion.
maybe I'm just being jumpy here. but seems like that "expendable" quip was a bit of foreshadowing that badass will somehow some way end up kick their butts.
now that you mention it. It could be that the 2ES win, and Gmerl along with the rest of the free robots become the good guys... very unlikely but still possible.
Seriouisly, that's not a nice thing to say. I'm leaning more towards something extremly convoluted happening, or something terrible obvious. I highly doubt the TES will double cross each other, even they know that would cut their chances in half... which would make the whole teaming up thing a moot point. Also, I'm HIGHLY doubtful this is anywhere near the end. I can forsee the comic going until the cataclysm.
"Why so freaking late?"
Because I was bored, and decided to finally make good on my word.
Hmm Thanks for bringing this up... I'll fix it soon.
too much copy and paste. In other words, just be sure find a good sheet, with tons of poses, and try to build from scratch a few of the harder to make sprites. It's hard, but once you get the basics down, it means your sprites will be good quality.
Well it's been a few months... but finally something up eh?

BTW, whats going on here is just a simple explination of how Amy Shadow and Rouge make it to the moon. THats all. I was too lazy to add credits, and felt it was time to FINALLY, put something out. Well here it is, love it or hate it.
No, I'd say she likes the thought, although being a gentle person probably still doesn't like the threat...
If they haven't, the sure will now.
Shesh... did the comic die again? Well, I'm gonna hold out just a bit longer before I repost mine. I hope everone is ok with that.
guess, I'll need to post mine.... if I can find it...
Well, the comic doesn't have a dontor status, so the original file size might have been too big. He'll either need to find a different host for the image, or lower the file size.
time stones:
Nice plot twist Ryan.
Actually he's quite heavy, as addressed in the comic once before... outside of the gag that could be a bit of a plot hole as to how they got him to the lake.
He says he'll post the comic from school since his brother completely blocked SJ.
However this might take some time...
@ KrazyKat.... Your avatar is hilarious. I almost forgot to post a comment!

Great joke Butterscotch. It'd didn't quite make me lol, but I chuckled all the way from panel one till I saw KAt's Avatar.

I'm almost out of class, so if you wanna write a script for me I'd still love to make a guest comic.