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Phew, been a while since I updated this thing. Must've been a year or two? Got my tablet by now, pretty ok with it :)

Thought college would be killer on the art, and I guess that's true considering I haven't touched my sketchbook one in the past few months XP But digitally I've been pretty constant, trying out some OCTs on deviantart, doing memes, sketching old characters and new ones.

I like doing freebies and stuff, so if anyone out there wants something fun drawn, message me up.
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So Sanders doesn't even kill the lizards for work or food or anything, just kills them XD

Oh god, Sanders...
God, I love this comic, found it last week...

But I'm all caught up now D: D: D:
Ahh, you're back :D Hooray, my favorite comic has updated!

Run little lizard! He gonna slit your little lizard throat!
"And I'd do it again..."
If it weren't for you pesky tax collectors, and your Payton, too!

God, I miss Scooby-Doo...
A rock, eh?
Well, purple DOES make everything better. And who knows. Maybe Sanders bought it as a house-warming gift for Jock for when they moved in together.
I'd be careful with that powerful bead-door-kicking kick you have there, Jock. Beads. EVERYWHERE. Almost as bad as glitter.

And I predicttttt........... Jock and Sanders shall live together, and be involved in messed up and wacky hijinks forever and ever from this day forth! :D
Tsk Tsk Jock. If you can't follow the rules, we'll put you back in the corner again.

I'm thinking of cosplaying Sanders soon, if I can find the right purple coat :D
Do a little turn on the catwalk, yeah!
XD God I love this comic. Love it so hard.
XD Oh Danny
Didn't you know, Danny? It's homosexual-make-out day! Now hop to it!
@Zeeroh: Glad to know you enjoyed it XD I actually laughed a lot myself drawing the last few panes
Yeah. I lied.
My update schedule still sucks. But, good news, summer vacation quickly approaches. 4 months at home with nothing to do but draw :D Yeay!

By the way, that PokeMart kid is actually based on someone I met in real life. Trader Joe's worker. I asked him to check the back for any more Pomegranate tea, wait a half hour, and I find him 3 aisles over reading a magazine D:

Oh, although I actually don't like to do it normally, I really curse up a storm whenever I play video games. Especially Nuzlockes.
And so May has become the new Gary-mother-effin-oak
Thanks :D Gary might just be my favorite character, and I hate how most people portray him as either the epitome of douchery or just plain crazy.
Sorry for the delay folks. Been tough trying to organize time for drawing this semester. But I think I've got things settled down, so these comics should be coming a little faster.

Hate hate hate shading. I'd color this whole thing if I had the time :P
Ghost Mamma to the rescue! Please, it would be such poetic irony.
Yeah, Sanders! Fulfilling the roll of only-friend-to-the-sad-lonely-loser by leaving said loser to be pummeled by a monstrous hairy beasty :D

And so Payton goes Super Sayan XD
God, I always forget how tall Sunny is XD
Payton, you're a beast! I need to recruit her for some UFC tournaments XD
Yeah, Gary's normally the king douche of all of Douche-dom, but I have the feeling I'd actually get along with him XD We'd be utter dicks to each other, all the time, but friends nonetheless.

Messing around with quality and sizing issues. Curse this 500kb size limit -_-