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@Boog: What forum??? Who are you? lol
@Azulu, yeah I realize that and Im really sorry :( I posted a news post about a week ago about it, you an check it in the News Section. I´ll be going on temporal Hiatus because I just started school so I need to gauge my free time and get used to it. Im working no 4 ages simultaneously right now though, so hopefully soon.
Hallo thar! It's your friendly neighborhood, bubbly host with the cute british accent :>~ lol

Thanks for the comments on the last page! <3

Welcome! Im really glad to hear that and I hope you enjoy reading it! It may seem a bit slow at the beginning but it begins picking up at the end of chapter 1 (which isnt very long by the way hehe)

enjoy your stay, thanks for your readership! <3
Couldn't upload on Thursday cuz of school, but here's the next page! :)
O hai Zippu.
@Hawkfangor Then why did you never tell me that it was irking you :(??? Seriously, I can handle concrit, you could've told me earlier that the way I was using it was wrong. I've never been there and try as I might I coudnt find resources to know the actual way of saying it so any help I can actually get is welcome! xD My mom's been in O'ahu but it's been so long she couldn't tell me how it was said anymore. So would it be easier if I just said they were arriving at Honolulu? It really makes little if not any difference, so long as it's Hawaiian territory :3
And we're finally there! Way to jump into the point lol.
@Captain Ghost: His name is Zippy xD He's the second dude to make an appearance in the prologue. He's the guy with the small black and brown hyperactive puppy.
And so it begins~

first page of chapter 1 will be uploaded Thursday, as usual :3

And thus concludes the Prologue :3
blah blah, letter, blah.
Cute puppy is cute~
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: It's called binding. A lot of girls who cosplay guys do it.
Shoo be do~

No comments :3