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A minimalist and a highly distracted artist. One day I will upload both of my planned webcomics... but only after I bang out a good rough draft.
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Hey all you impatient people
The artist is in a very rigorous art program and can't make Hemlock pages during the school year! Chill out, be patient, and stop being rude, kay? She always returns to us to make pages when she can. :)
"Jeez Blue, don't be such a pill!"
It doesn't sound hokey! I like the idea :D
I only JUST now realized they all have the last names of philosophers....
February 29th, 2012
Oh man,
his face in the last panel. So great. ahahha
September 8th, 2011
The final panel in this is really amazing <333

Also, has mono been considered as the culprit?
This was a really great first chapter! Super excited to be reading your comics again, and keep up the amazing work!

Hurray for chapter two!
Hahah xD
Okay, they mailed it today apparently x]

I was beginning to get worried, guess I shouldn't have. Thanks <3

I'm so excited now!
hey hey hey
Do you know what's going on with FXT??? I preordered in November and have no idea whats going on because no one has updated anything D:

I wanna read your comic damnit~!
I'm actually with you on the toning-is-stupid opinion, so non toned pages are completely fine with me! I'm just happy to see you posting again <3