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Filler again!
Hey there! its FF back from the death, or almost!
its going to take me one more week to complete my work on the current projet that I have been doing this last months. its been crazy! but I feel lik I have inproved my art skills (a bit at least)
page 14 has a lot of detail that I had to put it on hold until I find the time to work on it without work pressure.
and thanks for commenting Sparra and Zeltara, I really apreciate it!!!
next page will take me some time to complete!
nest page will take me some time to complete!
:D pages coming!!
still alive !!!
hello everyone!!!
I know it´s been a while since last update
too much work lately, but I had also been working on Danielle.
I have a bunch of pages in prosses already but have no time for the finishes, I really appreciate your concern!
I can´t tell if I´ll be updating soon but I promess some prevs at least.:p
Im glad to hear you like it Koromyst
thanks Bruce Hedgehound :D
digikoopa: about 20 or more pages lenght.
UltimaWolf0. thanks, she may stay like this for a while, still I could try more styles.
Zeltara: ^.^!!
yourNameIsTEDDY: I apreciate your compliments!! :D
100 Fans
I´m back with new stuff
I did the hairstyle for Danielle on this pic as koromyst and Zeltara sugested.
Danelle Vix reached the 100 Fans here in Smackjevees.
I hope you like it!!
I´m glad you like it InSaNeBlOnDe97 :D!!
Tankyou Koromyst an Zeltara for the hairstyle ideas!!
Zeltara, sorry, I´m my worst critic :p
and Sparra1, UltimaWolf, and Bruce Hh. and everyone (spetially Zetltara for always commenting)thanks for following
winnig outfit!!
Finally the winnig outfit!!
this drawing was rushed so I could have something to update this week. the background has a terrible perspective and Danielle looks too big camparede to Camille, I draw the background separetely, that should be the reason :p
still I hope you enjoy the update and maybe suggest some new hairstyle for Danielle!!
no nudity!!!
sorry kirowolf, digikoopa, Big J, but no nudity in this storyline.
I´d like to do an interactive sidestory, so if everything goes well i might do it after completing chapter 4 :p
Just 4?!!XS
allright, here are 4 ideas I had in mind
I know there should be more optios for Danielle to try on
but I guess I´m pretty shor on ideas lately.
Still, feel free to ad your ideas(add links if possible)
I hope you guys like the page as much as I enjoyed drawing it!
thanks Sparra!!!!XD
Kira- I agree with you, I hope you´d like the options.
Zeltara- mhhh, unfortunatly the list isn´t that big, but I could add more options. and I think she´ll have new undies this time.
Bruce. thank you for your words, honestly I never thought of him as for influece for Camille(the mouse girl) I have to confess that I was inspired by another webcomic I saw once, is was called shyle the mouse I think.
BigJ - I agree!
Koromyst - I´m glad that you like it, and i gess it all about practice n_n`
Kira - yeah, I have various ideas, would you like to see Danielle trying each one?
chapter3 page10
oops! I did it again u_u
Finally I got some time to update at least with another preview :S.
I know you guys watn more story, and I do too, but I really don´t want to low the quality so i´m not rushing.
Still you want to check the new blog, also don´t forgert to comment!
something new that I´m working on
thank you Zeltara for link with the previous chapters.
hey everyone!
I am deciding how to dress Danielle.
so If you´d like to suggest, please feel free to comment.
finally, after months of hiatus.
we are back with Danielle Vix
another preview
this is something I´m working right now, I´ll be updating with the new page once I get the dialogs!!! n_n
This page is almost complete!