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Comment on Page 436 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 02 Jul 2014 08:36 am
@M (Guest) yes, thank U. I wouldn't be able to write a typical webcomic "miss-I-love-everyone-unconditionally" kind of perfect character. And yeah, my baddies just raise up some discussion sometimes and that is awesome.
Comment on Page 437 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 02 Jul 2014 08:34 am
@Data2048 @JamJelly @BurstThrough @Iron

Thank U guys for UR insight. Yes, I believe also that the best thing is to use all kinds of panels depending on the plotline. Even if some shots can be difficoult and require more work (ex. unusual perspective shots)it's good to throw them in at least once in a while.
However all I was asking was whether the background where it is present looks good? Like do u think I build/repainted it well enough? I always have doubts about it. :D :D :D Apparently my english isn't as good as I thought and I got everyone confused haha
Comment on Page 437 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 24 Jun 2014 09:36 pm
Could I ask U guys for a comment about the background? None in this page but in the prev ones there were a few panels where a fair portion of Rei's bedroom shows. It actually took some effort to do these shots but drawing (and reading) over 10 pages of a conversation where all the panels are headshots or busts would be really boring, wouldn't it? So, what do U think? Does it look good enough?
Comment on Page 436 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 23 Jun 2014 09:38 pm
@BurstThrough I personally would classify Rei as more chaotic-neutral. Never really got how this distinctions work but for me and evil person is someone who feels pleasure in the other's pain. Rei's attitude is more of indifference. She was only an accomplice to that hunter's death (afterall it was Lilith sho pulled the trigger) and she did not find pleasure in that whole interrogation/torture/murder plot. She did not harm him when she could have but she didn't help him either. She remained neutral. A good person when finding the hunter had a family that cared about him and would suffer if he died, would at least try save him somehow. Not for hiss sake but for theirs. Yet Rei carried on her task. After a second of hesitation she figured she didn't give a damn about those people whoever they were. She remained blank. And ignorance in the face of evil is no better than evil itself.
Once I have read on the web a quotation or sthg that said (roughly translated):
Do not fear your enemies as all they can do is kill you.
Do not fear your allies as all they can do is betray you.
Fear the indifferent as by their silent approval in the world is reigns murder and betrayal.

And this was the reason why Reimee's sould became Belial's. Because ultimately it was for that demon that Rei let go of the remains of her good human feelings and remained indifferent to the pain that man's death would cause to a number of people. And that is enough for a soul to get on the dark side of the force.
Comment on Page 446 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 23 Jun 2014 07:17 pm
Dear readers, you've got what U've been asking for :D Who's happy?
Comment on Page 436 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 23 Jun 2014 10:01 am
In this case Rei actually shows some good will: by convinving Mike not to spy on Fiamma she does something good for her (her secrets will keep safe) and for him too (he won't end up killed or imprisoned by the blondie).

@comicgirl @BurstThrough

But feel free to hate her guys! I don't mind that. Actually I kinda like it when U bash her.It's refreshing compared to the usual comments like "omg I love her/him so much, he/she is so cuuute" etc etc

(whatever U answer will not affect the storyline which is already set up to the end. I ask out of pure curiosity)

Did you ever believe Rei would eventually change for some reason and be portraied as more of a "goody two shoes"? Do U think it'd be better for the story?

Would U have liked BT better if it followed a more usual plotline like: "good girl Rei meets a hot but damned Belial, through some events they fall for each other and she eventually has impact on him that makes him change and become a different man" or something of the kind?
Comment on 32 of The Premise
StellaCadente, 19 Jun 2014 03:15 pm
Awesome comic! The story is well thought and the characters likeable. I like the idea of the gwhole kannibal thing. It's something new. And the drawing is very good too!
Just a shame Nune (I really like that name, something to do with 9 I guess)could never get to kiss Kovak (or any guy) cause she'd get an allergic reaction :-(
Comment on Page 431 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 25 May 2014 08:57 pm
@Guest She said there WAS no reception when she was outta town. Past tense. So one could assume moments before she must have said that she was coming back home and since she got attacked under her own block of flats... Mike just did the maths.

@subaru He's got a motorbike and it's quite late = no traffic. Besides they don't live so far from eachother.
Comment on Page 431 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 21 May 2014 01:13 pm
@Subaru (Guest) Well... it wasn't completely a coincidence. They were talking when she got assaulted. He got there cause he knew Rei got in some kind of trouble and he run to save her. He says so a couple pages back. But feel free to make up any sort of conjectures :D
Comment on Page 431 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 19 May 2014 09:05 am
@BurstThrough Don't worry. No spoilers. I get it that UR curious on how this thing works.
For 6 contractors only, there's thousands of demons out there only that most of the boxes are pretty much lost. Lucy's spell hit the demons unexpectedly when they were spread around the world. For the new ones that come, it automatically hits the moment they touch the ground. Now what if one landed on the Sahara? Centuries may pass before it got in the hands of a contractor. So there's plenty of demons, they just need to be found and each contractor, being greedy, spends his life (and money) searching cause more demons, means more souls, which means more life juice.
Now no contrator would ever give someone else a demon box willingly. If the demon was uncooperative he'd rather lock his box (with them inside) in a safe deposit box for a couple years so they'd learn a lesson. Yes, a box could by chance change owner but a lot of time could pass, and a new contractor would probably end up being no better that the old one. Afterall, we humans are greedy of youth and lifespan. So every time they are out they try it hard cause they can't know whether they will ever be let out by somebody else.
Yes, they could kill their master but then they either remain locked up their box hid somewhere by their master or they are let out by another one and they start over. Killing a master would not prevent them from getting locked up again.
"And what stops Satan from putting them back into boxes if he did that before?"
Well, say the spell he used to do it in the first place could have been performed only once. It's not like he did it cause he had extra mojo or sthg. He's just a demon like any other, only with more charisma (he's the boss right?) and some more "education" so he knows all sorts of spells, tricks, this kind of stuff. Say, Bel or Az or someone could potentially learn these too had they had the right texbook.
And who says he didn't cheat at all? Many of the details we know now werent'e xactly spoken out loud in the first place. Lucy just designed this whole pact/spell in such a way that he'd gain the most with the least effort.

I hope this clears thing up. If U got more questions I'll be happy to answer

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