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I'm a student, I like to draw and to write.

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Comment on Page 420 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 13 Oct 2013 05:27 pm
Guys sorry for the inconvenienxe. Sthg must have gone wrong when sumbitting. I'll fix that in the morning. Check tomorrow for updates

EDIT: All fixed!
Comment on Page 417 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 23 Sep 2013 04:56 am
I was pretty sure I had the comic set to upload until the endo of this chapter. Hadn't it been for Turnips' comment I wouldn't proably realise that °________°
Sorry guys! But no worries! The story goes on! And it will be written up till the end no matter what! (btw. We're past halfway I think... Next chap there be some fun stuff! :D:D:D)
Comment on Page 395 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 16 Mar 2013 04:00 am
Yeah,Lilith can be a bitch sometimes. But she's ben through a lot. Just wait for it to know.
Anyways, the demons didn't obviously know there was an angel involved with the hunters. They always thought it was just humans and remembre how Lil questioned the dude about the boss (expecting to hear a human name so she could find him and probably kill him basing on the hypothesis that without a leader an army is lost)but he wouldn't tell her? Now if she knew she wouldn't do that right? Now for their kind escaping to the human world is something... dishonouring? Is that the word? It's like escaping a battle or stgh. Not a kind of thing an angel would do. Demons, well, they're demons! hey just don't give a f*** about such things.

Dear guest who commented on the prev page and made a sim-3 Belial, could U plz show it to me? Pleeaaaaaase! <make puppy eyes> Why don't U make a screenshot or sthg?
Comment on Page 393 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 03 Mar 2013 02:50 pm
Dear readers,
first, BIG SORRY FOR THE DELAY! I'm just having a busy time recently with university and all. But no worries. The comic WILL CONTINUE. Even if there are hiatus periods U can be sure it'll get back to normal sooner or later. I'm not giving up on this story. EVER!
Thank U for reading, commenting and every kind of support in general <3 <3 <3
Comment on BT IS BACK AGAIN! of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 18 Nov 2012 01:54 pm
My dear readers,
first of all I want to apologize for the hiatus lasting this long. The explanation is quite simple: I got what I never thought I'd get - an actual art block!

Hopefully such thing won't happen again. From now on the comic will be realeased a page x week as it used to before the hiatus period. First page of the new chap coming tonight right after this message.

I'm really gratefull to those who were kind and understanding to me lately and stayed with me till now. Thank U guys!
Comment on Interval - Rain over me of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 25 Jul 2012 04:02 pm
My dear readers,
it breaks my heart to announce the comic is currently suspended. Not for long, just for a month as I will be going away but I promise new pages starting from September. Please forgive me this but U need to understand I'm not a machine and as much as I love BT I have a life too and stuff to take care of. Latest times have been tough to me and it had impact on my making of the comic. But no worries, this story will go on until I say it's finished. And for now it's not.

Other than that I thank ALL OF YOU for UR kind comments. I had fun reading them, even, or perhaps especcially those about Rei being a real tricky bitch. Well, she deserves it. She's a despicable selfish person but I suppose the strange personalities of my chara make this comic unique of sorts and fun to read.
I also enjoyed the entire debate on who's the hunters boss. btw. Rei made a shocked face there cause when she heard "wings" she figured this was serious not just some human freak who thinks he's an angel. If we speak of wings, or rather an angel halo, this means it REALLY is a supernatural being, which is worrying.

I'll speak up in september. Please don't run away because of this hiatus!
Cheers! Good vacation everyone!
Comment on Page 373; Sorry for the hiatus! of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 25 May 2012 03:16 pm
I just have been busy and didn't realise all the pages I uploaded before were realeased already T_T my bad! Beg UR forgiveness! Promise that won't happen again!
Comment on Page 361 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 13 Feb 2012 06:51 am

About that brick, dear @arrow, UR right I guess about the impact of the hit affecting Rei too, but considering Bel got hit slightly from the side and in the same moment another hunter(yeah, there's more than one even if it might seem so from this page) grabbed Rei from the back so all in all she didn't really get injured much. Probably just Bel's nose got smashed against her cheek and stuff, nothing serious.
@This guy - well, a brick is not such a bad idea to be honest. Just to get it clear for all my readers, the demons soft spot is their head (honestly I can't remember if it was explained already but if not then it will soon (pretty sure I included this somewhere as it's quite important); a gun is noisy, using a sword in this situation might turn out harmless to Rei (which for some reason they want to spare) so they just picked up some brick and figured they'd use it instead. As U can see from this page it didn't work exaclty the way they hoped but it sure slowed Bel down pretty much and it affects his "powers" too since they need him to focus. To make this easier for U: it's like when UR trying to study but UR having this terrible headache ^_^

@raven_nova - They're not taking her. They just hold her not to let her hit the ground when she collapsed after they injected her the drug. U'll see later on what this is about. It'll be said in the end of the chap.
Comment on Page 359 of Beyond Temptation
StellaCadente, 27 Jan 2012 04:22 pm
I hope U enjoy this page my dears!


pg 358

@crunchyblueberry - Nope. She doesn't. But that's the thing about bitches - they always get what they want and the nice girls are all alone. Usually. I'm a nice girl. I'm alone.

@azigay - Hehe. Not sure but they might be even risking jail...

@raven nova - Agreed!

@comicgirl - U and crunchyblueberry aren't the only ones. There seems to be some sort of anti-Rei club among my readers hehe. But U'll need to wait some more before the total fallout hehe

page 358

@raven nova - She's lost it and yet no "poor Ash" ???

@kumorifox - Oh yeah... It's all about the souls... About Ash, at the very beginning she was just some sort of decorative character but later I figured she'd make a great trouble maker.

@colacat24 - U might be right ^^

@waterbliss - More the "calling perv" version I think. The only thinkg of Ash that got hurt is her pride. She doesn't really love Bel (that's beyond her capabilities) but she wants him and she wants him badly and she can't accept that he's not really interested in such a hottie as her.

@trallt14 - thanks, and for the other comments too. I love doing the parts where they quarrel or stgh. And no more for now. I set the updates too weekly cause I'm on a slight art block.

@Kai the Comic Maker - <lol> I just pictured the FFFFFUUUU meme face hehe. The comics will come. They're on auto-update so there'll be no delays.

@zenithlea - oh crap! I saw this page a gazillion of times and never noticed that! Thanks! Fixed that already!

pg 356

@yaszx - thanks! I'm glad about that!

@Angel el Renoir - that's for pointing that out. I tried to fix that a bit. There really were too big especially in the last panel. Somehow I just don't see these things until someone tells me ^_^
Comment on 10-2 of Striped
StellaCadente, 17 Jan 2012 12:08 pm
Powiedz mi jak ty to robisz ze jak mi odpisujesz w A/N to mi na mail powiadomienie przychodzi? O.o czy jak ja pisze odp to np tobie tez przychodzi?

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