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I'm a video/animation editor currently residing outside of Philadelphia, PA.

I enjoy reading, writing, Muay Thai, working out, hiking, video games, movies, animation, comics.

As for TV, I was a big fan of Arrested Development, Scrubs, and Pushing Daisies. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was epic and the new Star Trek movie cannot be beat. Signs has a special place in my heart and there was this one old film called Casablanca...

When it comes to music, I'm a big fan of soundtracks. In film, my current favorite is Signs by James Newton Howard. In game soundtracks, I like Jack Wall and Tohru Iwao.

I like to read all things Tolkien and Lewis. I also enjoy Dickens and Hugo.
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I guess Ronuttnik isn't used to dealing with the kind of strength Mega Man brings to battle. 1500 horsepower will give you quite a lot of bang for your buck.
... the blatant StH bias rears its head yet again. Honestly, Shadow would be quite lucky to walk away from a battle with Bass and Treble with his limbs still attached. Rouge? She has no chance.
@ChaoticTheHedgehog: Meme's not withstanding, of course! Besides that, Wily built Air Man and he's been pretty obedient in the past.
As Hyro VI says, only special kinds of spike traps kill Mega Man instantly (either molecularly sharpened or charged with massive amounts of power). These type of spike traps would also kill Sonic, Mario, and just about anybody else instantly.

Mega Man survives normal spikes or spines just fine. Touching Sonic's quills would do little to him.
@Iwillbenapo: Sonic gets killed instantly by falling debris, platforms, or rocks, regardless of whether or not he has rings. He can also drown, burn, get shocked, and frozen. Thus, he is far from immortal. Not to mention Zero has several techniques in his arsenal that could steal Sonic's last ring away from him at any time, or drain Super/Hyper Sonic's rings.

As for spikes, you're aware that normal spikes don't instantly kill the Mega Man cast, right? Wily/Sigma/Weil/etc. utilize very specific types of spike traps. The first type are sharpened at the molecular level (the points come down to a single molecule allowing them to penetrate any armor or shield). The second type are charged with an enormous quantity of energy and designed to impart the entirety of that energy to whatever touches them.

Either of those types of insta-kill spike traps would instantly kill Sonic and most other heroes as well.
@Iwillbenapo: My apologies. I just needed a couple days wait before my reply so we wouldn't spam up DHK's comic.

Regarding Zero, he is stronger than Sonic, more skilled and more versed in battle. And he wouldn't be put off his game by Sonic's speed.

Strength: He's punched through 10 feet of solid metal with one blow. His punches are strong enough to create quakes that can damage steel from a distance.

Skill: He's been fighting war machines and leading Hunter units for over a century.

Durability: Zero's peer, X, has tanked a nuclear warhead blast at ground zero. Zero has done the same in the Zero series. He regularly shrugs off the effects of plasma weapons and can deflect laser blasts bare handed, to say nothing of his ability to counter many energy blasts with his Z-Saber.

Speed: Zero has defeated both Harpuia and Fenri Lunaedge, both supersonic fighters.

Super Sonic vs Awakened Zero: Super Sonic has no shot. Awakened Zero is totally and perpetually invulnerable capable of spamming giant, instant kill, energy waves. Super Sonic's ring count limits his invulnerability. Zero has no such limit.

Hyper Sonic vs Awakened Zero: Sonic is still limited by his ring count and has no way to harm Awakened Zero. Hyper Sonic's "Hyper Flash" does no damage to bosses (not even Knuckles), so I see no reason why it should harm Zero, let alone Awakened Zero. At best, Hyper Sonic could stalemate Zero until his ring's run out. Then its game over for the furry. Sonic would have no way to evade Awakened Zero's instant kill saber energy waves.
Well, he is! :P But that's a subject for another comic!

Metal Sonic isn't foolish enough to take on Sonic, Knuckles, and Zero, to say nothing of the rest of the heroes who're likely close by.

@hvac_tech: EMP's really don't affect the Mega Man cast. They're too well shielded for that.
Nah, that's Raijingeki (Thunder God Attack). Its from Mega Man X4 and channels lightning into a powerful saber thrust. It has nothing to do with grappling. ;)

Edit: On a side note, its interesting that Metal Sonic is talking. The most recent incarnation of the character that I know of is in Sonic Rivals 2, in which Metal was incapable of speech. Is there a newer game in which Metal Sonic had his speech ability restored?
This is also true. However, I think the original idea was that neither Mario nor Sonic would fare well against Gravity Hold, not unless they had some kind of power-up to protect them.
This is true...
In Sonic 4, Super Sonic doesn't drown. But normal Sonic does.
Except for that whole business about Sonic drowning underwater, even when he's Super Sonic.
In Mega Man: Power Fighters, Heat Man was redesigned so that he could deflect attacks by closing up his body shell. He could only be hurt when his helmet was open, which was most of the time, since Heat Man couldn't see with the helmet down.

Even back in Mega Man 2, Heat Man could become invulnerable when his flame reached full intensity. And whatever you do, don't feed him Crash Bombs. It refuels his life energy and makes him move all over the arena at superspeed (it would be entertaining if he didn't pound the snot out of poor Mega Man while doing it).
Sonic always needs the Chaos Emeralds to go up against those so called gods of destruction. He can't do it on his own. And yet, is Super Sonic really all that powerful? Eggman has knocked Super Sonic around with simple energy bullets and has used his technology to straight up yank Sonic out of his Super transformation. Heck, Knuckles cancelled Sonic's Super form with a punch. And as always, Sonic can only stay Super by burning up rings. Run out of rings, and no more Super Sonic.

Mario has some impressive moves, especially when you consider the more cartoonish abilities in the Paper Mario series, but on his own, Mario isn't particularly durable, nor does he pack much in the way of weaponry.

Pound for pound, Mega Man is still the most powerful and versatile fighter out of the three mentioned in this title, IMO. His super strength, durability, agility, and firepower are a tough combo to beat, not to mention his hax Time Stopper, Black Hole, Grab Buster, and Mirror Buster abilities. And then you have almost 100 of his other abilities to consider, plus his ability to copy the powers of his opponents.
@Riley Seeker of Pie...
The Mega Man Universe is within my sphere of knowledge. What I don't have memorized, I research from the official sourcebooks and canon information available (usually posted within the Mega Network Wiki).
@Terminal Devastation...
You're thinking along the right lines. The Leaf Shield actually generates an electromagnetic field which suspends and rotates leaf-shaped EM bits around Mega Man's body. These pieces are impervious to damage and can shield Mega Man or be directed at enemies.
... so basically, just like Bass, only without the ridiculous super strength, durability, and powerful Buster? He has speed, I'll give him that, but that's about it. His power supply ain't matching up to Bassnium. Not without a Chaos Emerald.

Sonic Heroes was certainly an outlier in terms of power, but it was Metal's only showing like this and he needed to copy quite a few powers before he got to such a high level. While Metal Sonic has displayed the ability to copy powers, his current abilities only allow for him to copy one ability at a time (at least by the time of Sonic Rivals, which followed Sonic Heroes in canon) not to mention that he can no longer shape-shift. Metal's current level is still pretty far below the Robot Masters, according to the way his official statistics stack up against Mega Man's:

Metal Sonic
255 cc, 4 Valve Organ Fusion Engine
Maximum Output: 55ps/6800rpm
Maximum Torque: 7.54 kg-m/4000rpm

Mega Man
Light Solar-Pile Reactor
Maximum output: 1500PS/1200rpm
Maximum torque: 220kg-m/8500rpm

What amounts to 55 horsepower (Metal) vs 1500 horsepower (Mega Man) isn't a contest at all. Granted, not all the 20XX Robots are at Mega Man's level of strength, but some are close, and some are even more powerful. Bass, King, and Sunstar, for example.
Stone Man was the first official Robot Master I ever defeated. Ah, good times.

Though looking back on it now, Wave Man, Gravity Man, or Star Man are all pretty simple.
You have a good point, though while Wily seems pretty competent at building ships, machines, and fortresses, he really excels at robots.

Again, I point to the official stats of Mega Man and the Robot Masters. You're going to find that they far exceed the official specs of Metal Sonic, arguably Eggman's greatest robotic creation. I would have expected that two Robot Master, or even one of the more powerful ones would be too much for Metal Sonic.

But, as always, this is DHK's show. And a great show it has been!
I guess one hit of any kind will take out the Hammer Suit. Even that of a little goomba. That's kind of the downfall of most of the Mario Bros power ups.

One has to wonder if Bass will ever get his revenge against Shadow.
Unless they get crushed by a rock, spikes, a wall, or fall down a hole. In that case, its instant death. The Wario Bros should have brought a large rock to drop on Amy.