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The sad sad curse of immortality. =(
That she does! Hehe.
Oooh, he's angry. I would be too. Hopefully she'll be able to calm him down.
So they decided to go on a date? XD Classic.
Oh my!
She's going to try AGAIN? XD Oh dear. She sure is persistent. Hope Evan doesn't lose it, or get shot again or anything.
Oh my.
I think you can trust Evan, Danielle. He definitely seems like a righteous guy. Hehe. ^^

Keep up the great work! I love this graphic novel.
Sounds like Dani's had a little bit too much already. XDDD
They meet again! I agree with Niah. Evan's expression is win. XD
You're welcome and that's great to hear. I can't wait to find out what happens. =)
I adore random acts of kindness. ;_; Especially after days where people have been mean to me. I actually teared up a little bit at this. I know this particular panel is probably insignificant to the story as a whole, but your comic I think has the right amount of light and dark in it. :) I enjoy that. Well done.
That's pretty funny. Co-worker doesn't know she's a vampire, huh? Anyway, I have to comment on the art because I forgot to earlier. I love the style. The colored make-up and eyes really stand out against the monochromatic everything else. And like I read someone say before, it has a very striking impact and fits the mood of the story. You're also very good at drawing features. You have to admire the look of the panels before you even start reading the content.
Oh dang...
I just kept hitting next and freaking out because I got this page over and over again. I just realized I'm at the most recent page. O_O I read the entire thing in one night. It's kind of funny because now I have to stop kind of where this comic all started, at Richard's grave. In any case, I'm a huge fan of this now. =D You might have noticed all my other comments. This is great stuff! Every Friday from here on out will be a little better for me now thanks to you.
That explains a lot. I made a comment earlier in the comic about her breasts being too big. Glad to know there's a reason. Haha.
"Up here, creep." Classic! Does Mr. OGLEsby always OGLE all the women? =P
I love this particular page. Especially the witch's expression as Dani walks by her. Hilarious. And Dani fell asleep on the ceieling! Haha.
I love the icicles on speech bubbles that are meant to represent an icy rhetoric.
Ahaha, that looks like the guy she drank next to his car earlier. XD I registered to rate your comics and in case you wanted to bi**h at me about all my comments.