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June 21st, 2013
@Nightfall: I was just going to say that, you kindred spirit you. And the three godfairies are the psychotic russian dolls c:
You should have tried Ariel with a beard.
February 23rd, 2013
But now everyone who read that comment knows. Can an imitation beat up that much people? I bet it doesn't even have a decorative eye, too.
The length of the grass in front of the broom vary. So does the length of the broom part which is not a stick. :D
Oh poor, poor Atty. And he got a charmander at that.
Sleeping, dead or comatose?
Offers the elf in exchange for your life and directions.
Noooo, a battle D:

Flee, Atticus, in all your grandeur and not-caring-at-all greatness!
Please oh please let Atticus show off all of our feelings towards annoying trainers by just walking away (somewhat) calmly! D:

... Or beating up bugman in a human fight...
I bet on evolution.
So are they canibalistic? Or is there some kind of creatures who reproduce faster and more often than rabbit on this planet?
... That nidoran whishes for a shrubbery.
September 28th, 2009
Or maybe his lesbian friend? x)