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ooo shit
The look on rens face.. its some scarey shit..
he is alive!!
no one say the hand! bottom left corner huns!its a shakey hand!
you can tell by the way they hold onto each other that they love each other.

pannel four i could honestly see him goig facepalm just because his expression is so.. "oh fucking shit"
Cant see the picture either.
Ohhh a text page! a really good text page!
D: Awhhh

-hugs him-

Funny picture of the three of them
Poor poor him...

awsome page once again
virginity stolen!!

awsome page

edit: (Ive watched this comic for a really long time and i love it ^^. and my comment sent before i was done eirlier )

I love the last pannel its like she knows she cant have him but she deffinatly cant loose him when in the end he looses her
poor clover D: your poor arse!

Haha Mondays face in the last pannel is pure win..

(btw this is Tolazzttomakeasj but im nto to lazy anymore and its easier then having a cagillion book mark
Newbie here.
I would like you to know I have sat here since 4:00pm and read this all of this. It is now 7:44pm... Yep 3 hours and 44 mins.
wow I love you style its.. perfecto-ish.. well yea you get my pooint


*stabs keybord* its not works D: