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Hey everyone!

I'm currently 22 years young, and an aspiring writer and manga artist. I love anime, manga, reading, drawing, dying my hair insane colours, piercings, and tattoos.

I'm insane, loud, obnoxious, and amazing. I'll tell you how it is, and kick your ass when ya need it.

I'm in school to be an addictions counsellor :D

I love drawing, and I have improved over the years (obviously, right?). I absolutely love drawing gay love, be it BL or GL. Right now I'm on a horror kick, and abusing the fuck out of Silent Hill lmfao :3

I go to cons, I dress up, I waste my money on gay porn, and I work at a grocery store XD; My existance is random, and SO ARE MY COMICS!!

Love you for reading this, and love you more for reading my comics <3 Tutaloooo~!!!
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*fans self* Yes yes yes YES YES YES

Sorry, was just channeling Dylan's inner SQUEE ;3

Uwaaah cant wait till next week!!
GAAAAH I missed this comic <3333
This is the point that shit gets so very REAL ;D

Gannet... didn't your momma ever tell you that a sassy mouth will land you in the hospital...with little wings sprouting out of you?


Well looks like someone dropped the ball in parenthood XD
Ahahaha daaaaamn.

Looks like flat tires really are freaking terrifying, huh? ;D
And the plot thickens...

Yeah, high school woes never seem as bad the moment bird wings sprout out of your back XD;;;

On another note- Proposition 6 is a filthy, filthy bill :( You'd be pissed off all the time too, if society was trying to pass the right to take away your rights :(

I'm sooo glad I'm Canadian. I have to power to marry my girl friend whenever I want~

Hey Gannet! I have a spare room- come stay for a bit, enjoy the non-homophobic air of Canada~ it'll do you some right good ehehehe <3
May 15th, 2014
Oh la laaa Nia is getting super badass :D

She do what she wants!! <3
*drools* Why is Takeshi so damn attractive???????

UNF :)
No worries lovely- this comic more then makes up for it <3333 JOA WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING ADORABLE????? XDDDD

They are way too cute, I'm just sayin!
May 4th, 2014
Awwwwwe Kasey is looking forward to see Abigail! <33333


Gaaaahhhhhh these characters are waay to precious :3
May 2nd, 2014
I LOVE thet her eyes look dull before they 'flare' back up when she comes to ;D

U dun fucked up BIG, son! ;D

Dammmmmn, here you go- *puts up brick wall* Feel free to smash your face on it until a bit of sense returns XD

I feel bad for Neighbor-chan XD

Like- unnecessarily so, brah!

I'm still waiting for him to redeem himself~ :o
GAH I love his and Joa's relationship ehehehe <3
April 27th, 2014
The first two panels flow fine :) No worries hehehe

C'MON Abigail! Don't chicken out! *pouts* So very very close...

Eeeeek so happy to see an update <3 thank yoooou!!!!
More importantly- SEX??

Naw, he's gunna dwell on the fact Takeshi called him his bottom, isn't he?

...Or maybe that Takeshi called him "his?" *flails*

Eheheheheheh I missed this comic <3
April 24th, 2014
*coughs awkwardly* Well that happened.

...and Lajos' response is...? ;D
April 21st, 2014
Oh dear GOD the angst~!!! :ooooo

Nia, what is your destiny???? I'm so excited for the next page :D
April 21st, 2014
NOOOO damn you phone call!!

These two are so very adorable <333