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As said up there, my name is Taylor. I'm a 20-year-old college student, who makes a Digimon-based comic to keep myself from going insane from the trials of entering adulthood.

I love animals, especially canines. Specifically, my dog. An Akbash (google it) named Daisy.

I'm a closet Shonen-Ai/Yaoi fan. I love any GOOD romance though, regardless of the pairing's genders.
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Thad's hair seems to have changed directions in the last panel. XP

But still a fun page. :3
I just wanted to comment on how much I love the shading you do. :D
I adore this. new crack pairing for Tay: Light/Botan
so much WIN. :O

Yeah, the comic has been kind of dark lately. But not in a bad way. XP
oh man, I've been meaning to read this forever. but then I got really behind on Just Gotta (darn college)... so I spent today reading the last several chapters of Just Gotta, reading all of Gotta Past, and Just Mewtwo. I have read so much. XP

Also: I <333 Silver, and am thrilled he's in this comic. ^u^ And Mewtwo is also adorable.

So much amazing in one day. XP
I love the coloring here. This picture is just so beautiful.
so amazing. I'm so jealous of your art abilities. :)
Hillarie(hope I spelled that right) is so full of win and awesome.
September 30th, 2009
Nidoraaaan. <333
I lol'd. :) Poor Spyro.
I love the idea of this comic, I really do.

have you thought of scaling the pages down though, it's really hard to read the pages with them being so large.

Otherwise: keep it up. This looks interesting. :D
Your review is quite fair, I think.

Delightful irony: One of the next pages that'll be uploaded has his realizing all of this is REAL. First chapter has him thinking it's a dream.

Oh, and as the summary said: This is based on the game, Digimon World. All the training came from the game.

I agree that we need more detailed backgrounds. I'll toss a note about that to my artist.

Personally, I like my non-shading style of coloring. It might not be as "realistic" but I like it.

And wow: I totally f***ed up with Jiji's introduction. D: And worst is, I never noticed. x//x

I guess I'll ask for a re-review after chapter two is finished. So I can see how we've improved (or if we haven't improved, which is also possible).

Thanks much.
Alright. :D I love how you reviewed this, so I think you'll treat my comic fairly. (Not that others wouldn't have, but...yeah)
Ooh, ooh. I wanna buy a copy. :3
going for it
Mind if I toss my comic into the review ring?

Thanks in advance. :)
review request
would someone please review my comic, so I have an idea what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong:
no idea what he's "wait a minute"ing about, but Charmader looks so cute in the 4th panel. I just had to comment. :3
It's nice to see you back. :) And poor Nanaki, I wonder how it would feel to see the last of my people in a situation like that. :(