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I loooove reading and writing. Webcomics have been my guilty pleasure for quite a while now, yaoi comics especially :3 I'm sure nobody really cares about this anyway, so I'll stop talking now ^^
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This isn't something I ever thought I would say, but DAMN Kaito looks good with a mustache!! Not that he should have one all the time, bud DAMN!
OMG I WOULD! I absolutely love how adorable your characters are.
I love love love your comic! Always have, always will. I really like the way you're so dedicated to plot and character development and don't let people bully you into only drawing the porn. Although we all love the porn too :D

One small note about the last panel: the correct spelling is "overdue"
O3O BELLY!! *pokes Dake's protruding belly in panel 5*

I agree, they're TOTALLY adorable when they fight like this. It all builds up to a beautiful relationship, full of love and mansex! XD
HELL YES!! *flail*

I love the blushiness of Dake! <3 And Tommy just seems like he's thinking: "FINALLY!" both because Dake finally shut up, and because Dake finally let his guard down enough for Tommy to pounce on him.